Offering sophistication for adults in child-size clothing, Bound By The Crown (BBTC) is a kid’s fashion label with fabulous fabrics and timeless and trendy designs with an haute couture vibe! BBTC has quickly become one of the hottest apparel lines for the trendy 8-18-year-old, literally creating a ‘BBTC Girls’ lifestyle brand! We had the pleasure of attending their show at AMCONYC Fashion Week Summer Spring ’16 at PUNTO space in midtown Manhattan! We were wowed by this kids couture runway show!

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Photo courtesy:Brett Martelli

Creator Susanna Paliotta is a true believer in comfortable haute couture for kid’s, check out her thoughts…

What’s the story behind this sophisticated Kid’s Couture Fashion Label?

I grew up in the era of “Sunday Best” with outfit accessories like ear muffs, mittens, and petty coats. What I disliked as a child, I grew to love as an adult, from the quality of fabrics, double stitching and surprisingly, the designs. After years of watching fashion change, it was my younger daughter Isabella who helped me make the jump from jewellery manufacturing to clothing.  We started BBTC with the premises of “comfortable couture“; a simple design made from great fabrics that could be worn all day. Our slogan became “Kids like it because its comfortable and moms like it because of its couture, Its comfortable couture“.

How would you describe your brand?

Bound by The Crown Couture is for the trendy 8-18-year-old girl offering two very distinct lines with one common goal, quality and comfort.  The band was formed in early 2013, after seeing a need for stylish couture clothing in an age group that lacked high-quality fabrics in comfortable styles. In 2014, the line mainstreamed with their “I am a BBTC Girl” products, instantly transforming BBTC into a lifestyle brand of clothing.
We would love to hear about your inspiration behind the vibrant SS 16 collection.
What I love about the BBTC label is we cater to all aspects of a child’s daily life. From school to playmates, to a special occasion the BBTC label has something for you. Our inspiration this year for our causal line is a vibrant use of Swarovski Crystals, Platinum & Gold Studs and Imported Italian Leathers. For the couture line, it’s tweed, silk dupioni and an imported cotton & wool blends with a rich sophisticated look and modern styles.
If you were to pick a favourite piece from the collection, what would that be?
My favourite piece has to be the Riding Collection. The two-piece peplum jacket with shots is so versatile and sharp looking I think every girl needs one in her closet as a closet staple.
Lastly, any tips for our mommies on the ‘must haves’ this Fall for the Mini Fashionistas?
For my mini fashionistas, a simple yet classy look which you can create by pairing tweed shorts, a comfortable sweater and a chic pair of riding boots just like the photo attached from our S|S 2016 collection. This is a look that both mommy and daughter will love and very in this season!


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