High Tech meets High fashion with Bandolier’s fabulous smartphone purse cases! Bandolier gives a new meaning to the term wearable technology, with features that liberate you from the necessity of carrying a handbag!

Bandolier iPhone case cool mom tech

Bandolier’s smartphone purse cases come with stylish changeable cross body straps, letting you cool on-the-go city moms carry your iPhone or Andriod phone like a trendy accessory, with the added convenience of slick flaps at the back to carry those much-needed dollar bills or Credit cards!

This crossbody style purse case, in fact, looks like a chic mini satchel at the first glance! Whether it’s for a moms night out or a day out with your little one to the park, this stylish purse case is the most convenient choice! Gone are the days where you need to fish around in that large handbag of yours to get your phone for that all important picture click, Bandolier’s got you covered!


We had the opportunity to interview the creators of Bandolier, Maggie Drake and Colleen Karis, and we bring you highlights of the same!


We love to hear from inspiring women entrepreneurs! Tell us the story behind Bandolier? How did it all begin?

Colleen and I have travelled extensively with our families and whether we were on a ski lift, horseback, a hike or just shopping, we were constantly looking for a fashionable and functional way to carry our phones without the frustration of the frantic search through our bags. With that, Bandolier was born…a chic phone case and crossbody strap that creates an elegant luxury accessory which is practical and stylish.

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The Bandolier cases are indeed uber chic, stylish and perfect for on the go moms! What is your inspiration behind this collection?

We are truly inspired by today’s women. They are strong, smart, independent and can tackle impossible days and look fabulous doing it. We are also inspired by high fashion and all things beautiful. Our collection was created to give women the ability to turn their essential lifeline, their cell phone, into a chic accessory that will complete any outfit for any occasion. Bandolier makes functional fabulous!

Singer and celeb mom Pink with her Bandolier on her day out with her girl!

Accessorizing is a bit of an art!  Any advice for our fab moms on styling these chic cases this summer?

The Belinda gold is one of our favourites for summer. It is so simple and chic but adds so much to any outfit. You can wear it with anything like a white t-shirt and jean shorts to get an instant “put-together” look. At night, the Belinda chain is so stylish that it is all you need to accessorize any summer evening look. No jewellery required. The Sarah styles with the square studs are also a favourite to add a little edge to any outfit and perfect for any occasion. It will definitely make a statement, whether it’s worn with jeans and sandals or a suit and heels.

Bandolier cases are real style statements! What do you think are the key features that would make it super functional for moms?

Bandolier transforms your mobile device into a piece of wearable technology. It’s the ultimate statement in chic utility allowing moms to navigate their day’s adventures, free and easy. Each Bandolier features slots to accommodate credit cards, driver’s license and/or cash for true liberation from the necessity of carrying a handbag. We know tons of women that also clip their necessary keys onto their Bandolier!


What keeps you excited in life outside Bandolier? What’s your passion? 

Our passion is family, travel and fashion. We love to travel with our families around the world. There is nothing better than creating memorable experiences with our kids…. especially with a couple days of shopping threw in. Perfection!

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