Yesterday Fabzlist had the opportunity to interview designer and entrepreneur Crystal Kodada. She was sweet enough to share her story, her favourite bags, and some genius mommy style tips. Enjoy and visit to check out her entire collection!

How did you get into the fashion business? How did it all begin?

CK- I am a believer that “Everything Happens For A Reason.”  My parents met and fell in love while attending the Fashion Institute of Technology. My passion for handbags leads me to study Accessories Design at F.I.T. Soon, a licensing company would recruit me as a handbag designer, giving me the opportunity to collaborate on various successful brands. Years later, my aspirations to push the boundaries of fashion led me to create the CRYSTAL KODADA brand. Our focus is to build a handbag that delivers an empowering experience for women seeking elegant efficiency.


What was the first bag you ever made?

CK – It was a very simple tote bag! I had trouble sewing, but I was determined to keep challenging myself until I created more handbags that felt special & authentic. Not just your ordinary bag.  I aim for WOW factors.

What is your favourite bag ever made?

CK- My favourite is the “limitless” tote. It was love at first sketch. It’s my favourite because I was able to incorporate a lot of meaningful input from some amazing women that I’ve met on my journey to create a SUPER empowerment experience. The feeling that Anything is Possible.

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What distinguishes your bags from others?

CK – Every detail on a CRYSTAL KODADA handbag has a reason to coexist, providing a balance of functionality, versatility, sustainability, and beauty. We design with purposee, not for the sake of creating just a “Stylish” product, but a trustworthy companion redefined as a handbag, built to positively impact your life. We are hearing to listen and connect to women beyond our handbags. That is the integrity of our brand. When you carry a CRYSTAL KODADA, it’s not about status. It’s about expressing your individuality and feeling empowered.

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What should mom’s look for when purchasing a handbag?

CK- Versatility, function, and a touch of personality.  Having nieces and nephews, I have watched my sister and sister-in-law very closely in how they use their bags. We believe one major key to keeping organized and having function is the use of multiple pockets. We feel this is key as moms have so many things to think of…if their bag is organized, they can keep a clear head and find things easily. Mom’s should also think about what they need to carry so they can think of a size that best fits their needs.

Any other fashion tips for our mommies?

CK: Have fun, plan ahead, the more efficient the more elegant! Be adventurous and fearless! Accessories are a great outlet to express and test your fashion individuality. Show the world what a superwoman rockstar you are. It’s all about owning your style.

Who is your celebrity mommy style inspiration?

CK: We love Celebrity mommy Jessica Alba! She is chic, efficient, talented, and REAL

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