How about some real cool kid’s shoes that also takes ample care of your little one’s feet? IFME (If it was ME), with their line of shoes crafted with the name sake motto, has it covered for you! With a priority on the healthy development of children’s feet, the brand was developed based on research and development with Japanese based medical professionals specializing in children’s feet!


The brand concept of ‘IF it was ME’ remains at the heart of each shoe that IFME crafts! As a result, these shoes offers unique features and design elements that support the foot’s movement and help muscles exert their full potential. Infact, to promote correct foot position and posture, IFME has developed a unique functional insole that allows the toes to splay, and advances healthy arch development.


What more, these shoes also utilize a unique technology called MOFF, or “Marvelous Odor Free Fiber.”This is a natural cotton-based deodorizing fiber mechanically treated by superior nanotechnology, which absorbs 150 times as much ammonia odor as activated charcoal at 20 times the speed!


Since 2009 IFME had sold a total of 16 million pairs of shoes globally through an extensive network of 1,800 stores in Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan! And, hold your breath, IFME is launching in the U.S. in Spring 2016!


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