Let’s be honest – we all give our kids some screen time to get ourselves a little breather!! When you do want to given your little ones some screen time, educational apps are great to engage your kid’s brain, and encourage creativity! These apps (for mobiles or tablets) can make screen time for kids more worth while, while making it an educational and creative experience! This is a great way to extend your kid’s education beyond school time! There are several great apps…here are some of our tried and tested favorites that our kids love! Best for Kindergarteners and Elementary kids!

Splash math best educational app for kids


This is a very useful, award winning Math App! You can download this super fun and interatcive math app on your mobile or tablet devices! This works great for Kindergarten to Grade 5!


If you haven’t tried this app, it’s definitely worth a try! This is a subscription-based digital education program for children aged 2–8 years! Again, this creative app makes it a fun experience with puzzles, interatcive reading and even songs to keep kids occupied.


Starfall best educational app for kids

This app was a recommendation from my daughter’s kindergarten teacher. The app has a large sample collection of free activities. It offers an array of activities for pre-K till second grade math. You can download the app on any of the mobile devices and even your computer. The app includes interactive features for Numbers, Geometry, Reading, Sing-alongs, Coloring and  much more!


khan academy best app for kids

Khan Academy – this is a well-designed app! It adds learning at school in an interactive way, and helps to sharpen their skills in math, science, history and much more! This is more of a serious app to enhance their learning and academic skills. There are good lessons for math for pre-K, kindergarten and first grade, but in general, there is much more content for middle school and beyond.


Spelling Monster – this is a fun interactive app with spelling games to help your little monsters with words and reading! The app gives a twist to classic games like crossword puzzles, making it more enjoyable for kids!

habitat game best eduactioal apps for kids


This is a fun interactive game themed around a cute cuddly polar bear! Apart from fun playing and running around with the polar bear, the app has small tasks and activities that help your little ones learn about protecting the environment from a very early age!

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