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3 Ways To Protect Your Tech From Kids

Lets face it – There are a few things more devastating than a crack screen or milk soaked ipad. Here are some gadgets that can help kid proof all the ithings in your life!

1. The OtterBox – Ranging from $22 - $45

The #1 Selling Case for Smartphones & Tablets Buy now on Amazon.com

2. Tech Armor Retinashield Screen – Ranging form $10 - $12

Top rated phone and tablet screen protectors! Buy now on Amazon.com

3.  Kid Lid - $28.52

Kid Lid Protect Board is a simple and innovative solution that protects the keyboard when children use your laptop. The patented design easily slips over your screen creating a smooth protective outer surface that prevents access to the keyboard and the application from interruption from even the most rambunctious child. Buy now on Amazon.com!


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