5 Back To School Tips That Save Money

Get more for less with these simple tips!


1. Begin at Home: Before you set out to Target, Staples, or Walmart take a look at the supplies that are already in your house. You’ll be surprised how much you fine!

2. Hit Up the Dollar Store: After cleaning out your closets at home this should always be your next stop. You’ll be able to buy basics like pens, markers, pencils, and notebooks for a great price.

3. Use Coupons: It may take a few weeks to collect coupons that you need but it’ll be worth it. Always check sites like http://www.retailmenot.com/ before you shop!

4. Invest in Backpacks that lasts: JanSport  guarantees that if your pack ever breaks down, they’ll fix it, replace it or refund it.

5. Host Back to School Swaps: Invite your mom and dad friends over to swap school supplies. Just add a cocktail!


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