#BackToSchool! Best playshoes for kids with Tsukihoshi.

Best playshoes for kids Fabzlist


Comfy shoes are definitely a kid's best play buddy! Happy feet ...Happy us right!!

From Gymtime at school to playtime at the park, kids love shoes with character, comfort & most importantly shoes that promote healthy growth of their li'l feet ! Here again, we give you a round up of some tried and tested pairs of our picks for the coolest and comfiest play shoes for those li'l toes!!!


Tsukihoshi, thi is one of our favorite go to play shoes! These fabulous Japanese brand Sneakers is machine washable and has green tree extract insole to help fight germs and odor!

These super comfy shoes, allows those tiny feet to flex freely and maintain contact with the ground as if barefoot, keeping active kiddos comfy the whole day! We highly recommend them for those cute little feet!

Best playshoes TsukihoshiBest playshoes Tsukihoshi


How about some real cool kid's shoes that also takes ample care of your little one's feet? IFME (If it was ME), with their line of shoes crafted with the name sake motto, is one of our  favorites when it comes to comfort and style!


With a priority on the healthy development of children’s feet, the brand was developed based on research and development with Japanese based medical professionals specializing in children’s feet! It cushions the feet well, and is very roomy, just perfect for playtime!


Shoes that are comfy, and your kids can customize it and show off their creativity! How cool is that! Rarely does the sticker bait fail to calm a crying toddler, or for that matter make doctor's visits not something to look forward to! What if your kid could use stickers/tags to even customize their shoes?! Won't that be fun? Fayvel makes that possible! 

Fayvel playshoes


These shoes follow the natural contour of a child's foot and, the interchangeable tabs adjust to accommodate thinner, wider or thicker feet! Durable and customizable kid's shoes!

We have linked some of our  favorite picks  right here! Happy shopping Mammas!









  • Those are some cute kicks. I have been needing to get my kids more shoes honestly, so this is great!

    Via Bella

    Posted at 2017-08-14 04:09:44

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  • This shoes look so fashioned . I love to read your article . I don't have children yet but will also help me to find a gift for my nephews

    Made Adayasa

    Posted at 2017-08-13 14:18:58

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  • I love the design of the kiddie shoes! it's comfy and simple, easy to wear.

    Elizabeth O

    Posted at 2017-08-12 16:25:39

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  • This is pretty cool. I like the colours and designs and they are perfect for kids. Will be looking into this.


    Posted at 2017-08-11 19:31:21

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  • These look super funky! I remember as a kid I always had sketchers cause they were the most colourful and out there shoes, so these would have been right up my street!


    Posted at 2017-08-11 14:50:52

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