FAB FINDS! Our picks for Best Creative Brain Toys for Kids!


Finding the right toys to keep your active kids occupied is quite a job!  Some toys are excellent in terms of being creative, along with developing and enhancing the psychomotor & cognitive skills. We picked a few brain toys  that we found useful for  active kids! These educational and developmental toys helps to keep your kiddos occupied without boring them! 

Creative brain toys that wont bore your kids

GoldieBlox Craft-Struction box :

This construction toy features a girl engineer goldie blox! Combine this cuteness with real life stem concept of prototyping! This hels with  creative exploration& builds spatial skills and confidence for problem solving!


VIAHART Brain Flakes 500 Piece Interlocking Plastic Disc Set:

Every Jar of brain flakes has 500 pieces and includes an idea booklet with instructions to build Brain flakes ball .It develops spatial thinking and initiates creativity!


Imagination Magnets : 

Imagination magnets is a great wat yo boost yout kids fine motor and visual skills! This tools helps teach colors shaped counting and promotes spatial skills and pattern recognition and also develop concentration.


  Q-bitz JR:  

This building tool features brighly colored wooden magnetic blocks that can be arranged in to 50 full color puzzles like animals, flowers and different structures and more !


Extreme Dot to Dot Favorites: Set of 4

Intricate & challenging, these complex puzzles range from 300 to over 1400  dots and may sread to even two pages! Helps with counting mapping and developing concentration! An ideal educational brain toy!

Pattern Play: Bright Colors : 

Problem solving can be a whole lot of fun with pattern play-Color by design! You can use brightly colored blocks and pattern cards to introduce early math concepts like sorting matching  congruence and fractions! Helps with Spatial skills and fine motor skills!


KEVA Contraptions: Set of 2 :

Young thinkers can built unbelievable ball track strcutures with simple stacking planks! No glue, No connectors ,just loads of constrcutive fun!

Check out these fab finds for your mini masterminds!

Creative brain toys for kids


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