Many of us new age parents  want our kids to be environmentally conscious!  Going green with the clothes we wear and the toys our kids  use  and the food we eat is a good start to introduce Eco lifestyle to our kids!

So, Today we are talking about Eco fashion for kids that is affordable and sustainable without compromising on Style-  NIOVI organics!

NIOVI is an affordable organic, sustainable eco friendly designer collection for kids and babies! This Mamma-owned ethical and organic clothing line based out of Melbourne, is unique with its simplicity in design, inspired by nature, with comfort in mind! Niovi stands apart also in the quality of organic fabric used, with all fabrics being ethically sourced! 
From using hand painted water color prints to using minimal use of dyes on the fabric, everything is done to make sure that the fabric is safe for kids and their delicate skin! 
We had the opportunity to interview the  inspiring Mom behind this ethically thoughtful brand! Momprenuer and Founder of NIOVI, Punitha, is giving us an insight into the benefits of going Organic for kids clothing and how it impacts our environment and community and the inspiring story behind the brand!
As Moms, We absolutely loving the  NIOVI organic clothing line for babies and kids! We love the simplicity of the collection, and the fact that it is ethically made with the finest organic cotton! Tell us the story behind this beautiful environmental friendly collection. How did it all begin?
Inspiration for NIOVI started during a trip to India in 2014. Most of the fashion industry folks would have heard of Tiruppur, in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, India. Around 80% of India’s knitwear exports comes from there. During my trip, I noticed massive migration of farming communities in and around Tiruppur.  Landscape once filled with green and lush paddy crops are now barren lands not suitable for cultivation. Most of the farming communities were being employed by textiles mills in unsafe conditions. I witnessed a clear negligence for natural resources and how that impacted communities - without them even realizing it! Child labor was also prominent. I observed that brands (both big and small) which source from firms employing such practices, are contributing to this situation. I felt upset about the state of affairs, and strongly felt a urge to do something about it. NIOVI pretty much started from there.
Why is Organic cotton good for kids clothing? What are the benefits! 
An interesting point to note is that most consumers think of cotton as a natural, environmentally friendly, organic product. But cotton uses nearly 25% of the world’s insecticides. This is why we are now seeing an ever increasing number of babies and kids suffering from eczema and other sensitive skin conditions. And, genetically modified (GM) cotton seeds have contributed a lot to farmer suicides in developing countries like India. This is why I believe we need to move towards 100% organic cotton. I don’t think of organic cotton as a complete solution, but it is a right starting step towards a long journey! Organic cotton is grown using non-GM seeds, without using harmful chemicals and pesticides, making it relatively safe for farmers and textile workers in fashion industry. And I believe in 100% organic cotton, not blends - it is not just good for kids clothing, but any sort of clothing. Organic cotton sleepwear is something I highly recommend to parents as children’s need a breathable natural fabric during their sleep time. 
If you were to pick your favorites from the collection, what would it be?
niovi organics 4NIOVI Baby Clothes Organic
My favorite is the RIZ Monochrome, and I love the simplicity of it! It is easier to make simpler prints, but the challenge is to design styles that would make them look good! As for colors, minimal colors with natural or white base is the safest choice for babies and their delicate skin. For kids, we try to focus on more colorful prints - as they start to move around, light colors can get a bit dirty! And, we design prints with minimal dyes, thus cutting down on pollution significantly!
As a Momprenuer, if you could give any advice to our moms looking to start a business, what would it be?
Just go for it. Define your  purpose, and show how you are going to differentiate yourself in the market. Write down how your ideal customer looks like, and how you are going to reach them. It is important to have this framed in your mind even before you start to work on your business plan! Also, most people start without a marketing budget - I would highly recommend you put aside a marketing budget within your means.Collaborate with people to learn the tips and tricks of business. What you can learn by yourself in a year can be learned from an experienced veteran in a hour!  Start small and test our various strategies in small scale and stick with what works.Last but not definitely the least, Be genuine and love what you do! 
NIOVI Organics 2
Finally, What can we expect to see from NIOVI brand in the near future?
We are in the early stages and still exploring with our offerings at the moment. We are planning to expand our wholesale baby and kids wear collection to various territories and markets in coming years. Our aim is to create a brand that provides natural clothing option for the entire family not just children. We do have quite a few brands focusing on babies and children’s clothing in the market, but there aren’t many brands that provides a range for the whole family. We are also working behind thscenes to come up with a completely natural clothing option! But, the color options are limited at this stage. We are working with the small communities in India to make this feasible and viable for everyone. A completely natural clothing would serve as an idealistic circular fashion economy where herbs are used in dyeing process and the excretes from textile mills can be used to water the plants! Wouldn't that be wonderful!


  • This is so good for the kids and the environment. I am gonna share this with all the moms I know :)


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  • Wonderful that this brand is eco friendly! I love it especially when moms go out there and become enterpeneurs! Thank you for sharing!


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  • What a great brand! My two year old daughter would love them! A must for our next shopping spree!


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  • What an adorable collection of clothes. They sound like a great brand, with great values. I had never thought of buying organic clothing before, just food. I will have to look into it more :)

    Claire Justine

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  • I love the idea of natural clothing especially for my baby and this range looks gorgeous! I will be checking this brand out in future.


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