Beautiful Hand block printed all natural collection for your tiny tots Nursery! - Petite Namaste!

Born out of the inspiration that Co-Founder and Creative Director Yanira Colon got from looking at hand-made block printing in India, Petite Namaste lives true to it's roots! With an adorably cute and aesthetically pleasing range of changing accessories, blankets, bedding, bibs, burp clothes, pillows and everything you need for that dream nursery, Petite Namaste gets it right all the way in their designs and color combinations!


All of the products are hand block printed in 100% cotton fabrics. Hand block printing is an ancient technique where skilled craftsmen use carved blocks to stamp the fabric by hand. The process is lengthy and complex making each piece unique and special. Small spots and imperfections can occur from the printing process. These are not faults, instead they are reminders that each piece is handmade and no two pieces are alike.


We love their beautiful Katha worked quilts...all hand crafted to perfection. And, all natural 100% cotton for the delicate skin! 

Check out this beautiful collection @ and Enjoy a 15% OFF discount with Code FABPROMO!! 




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  • Wow, I wish my children's room looked half as beautiful as yours.


    Posted at 2016-04-29 18:30:05

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  • I loved these cute blankets for toddlers. And I completely agree with Sara as these can be a perfect gift for baby shower!


    Posted at 2016-04-29 08:48:17

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  • This stuff is gorgeous! All of it would make great gifts for expecting parents. I'll have to keep this in mind in a few months!


    Posted at 2016-04-29 05:30:32

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  • These are so beautiful picks and perfect for gifts! I need to check these out!!

    Jasmine Watts

    Posted at 2016-04-29 00:36:26

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  • I love these blankets! All of the things that they make are beautiful but I would love to give a friend one of these blankets for her baby shower! They are perfect for gifts!


    Posted at 2016-04-28 13:41:30

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