It's California Baby! An inspiring interview with Founder & Fab Mom Jessica Iclisoy!

Thinking organic and toxin-free before 'Organic' became a buzz word requires some foresight and vision, and that's what sets California Baby apart! They have got a great range of Body Wash, Shampoo, Conditioner, Face Wash and other products for kids - not that adults couldn't use them! Having used California Baby's Products for our little one for the past several years, we can vouch for the gentleness and effectiveness of their products! Their Kid's hair conditioner requires a special  mention in our opinion!

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So, when we got a chance to interview Founder Jessica Iclisoy, we considered that a privilege!

As Moms, we absolutely love California Baby products for our kids! Tell us the story behind this amazing line? How did it all begin?
It all began 20 years when I decided it was a great time in my life to start having children. I wanted to change my habits to ensure that my lifestyle was as healthy as possible. The first change I made was becoming a vegetarian, eating only locally grown, organic foods purchased from my local farmer's market. I stocked up on organic cloth diapers for my newborn, and devoted myself to breastfeeding. I started gardening and composting. And for the first time in my life, I began scrutinizing labels. I found even natural products out there had toxins, and hence wanted to create a product without all those chemicals that my children could use. I began experimenting in my kitchen, and a few years later those experiments turned into our first and bestselling product, Calming Shampoo and Bodywash.

California Baby Founder

You are an inspiring Momprenuer. If you could give any advice to our moms looking at starting a business, what would it be?
For me it was all about making my job fit my lifestyle, and doing something I absolutely loved! Owning your company is like having another (extremely demanding) baby in the house. In the early days of California Baby, I’d bring my children to business meetings with me. When I started California Baby, 'natural' and 'organic' weren’t trendy buzzwords...and I spent most of my time educating people to their health benefits! I persevered because I was passionate about creating the very best products. So my advice is: Make sure you love it!

California Baby products is great for sensitive adults and kids! What products would you personally recommend for adults? What are you favorite California Baby products for kids?
For adults, I’d recommend the Calendula cream as face moisturizer for people with dry skin, and as hand cream for everyone. It’s super moisturizing and smells amazing! I’d also recommend the California Baby®French Lavender™ Pure Oil, because French lavender has a plethora of uses including promoting calmness to ensure a good night’s sleep. As busy adults, it’s nice to take a second for ourselves and relax. The French Lavender oil is perfect for that.

For kids, I definitely recommend our first product, the Calming Shampoo and Bodywash and our bubble baths, especially the Holiday Cheer Bubble Bath. California Baby products are great for the whole family!

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Being a skincare expert, any tips for our moms on a quick go-to natural skin care routine this winter?
I use the California Kids Willow Wash with our konjac sponge for gentle exfoliation, which is a must during cold dry weather. Also, even though its not summer, it’s still important to wear sunscreen every day. I use our award winning California Kids® #supersensitive™ Tinted Broad Spectrum SPF 30+ Sunscreen—protects, and it gives skin a nice glow. I use this as a first layer of my makeup, because it works like a primer with the added benefit of the SPF.

Finally, what can we expect to see from you and the California baby brand in the near future?
This January, you can expect a new line of gluten-free products. We can’t wait to share all the details! Also, we have some exciting events this summer for moms and avid fans of California Baby.


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