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Have you ever wondered if there is an easier way to manage and tracks chores and tasks in your household? Have you thought about how you can make it easier to incentivize your son or daughter to complete the chores they promised to, reward them with some sweet banana points and even enable them to track those rewards? House Monkey has a solution for all of the above, and much more!House Monkey is a subscription-based home management solution (mobile and web based) designed to bring your folks living in your home together to organize, schedule and complete every thing you need to do in and around the house, and even more! This app had been super handy!

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We found this a really useful tool, with a lot of practical uses for managing things around the house! And, we do love the 'tribe' verbiage to refer to folks in the house, makes it extra cool and fun!

The anchor feature set in the tool is obviously the To Do List Management feature! The landing screen is a neat view of tasks due today, completed and over due, which is what one would want to see at first glance. We love the fact that the Add New Task action comes with a neat list of Tasks , Chores (like 'Change bed sheets'), Events (like 'Holiday Party') and Activities (like 'Yoga') - not only does it make the list standardized, it also helps  keep track of our long "mommy" "to-do" list, like keeping track of your kiddos afterschool activities and school events,playdates,birthday parties and so on! How fab!


Now the bells and whistles! There is a fun chat feature which lets you send messages to other members of the tribe. Not sure how often you practically would need it, but it adds fun to the app especially for your children! Monkey See, Monkey Do is indeed a neat feature which we love! It lets you create photos and videos explaining how to do chores, tasks or DIY activities that you love to share with your kiddos! Just imagine you leaving a neat little video on how to make cookies, and then have your little daughter use that to bake some special cookies for dad!

And, since it's House Monkey, you obviously have the feature to track banana points, which is what you earn when you complete To Dos. You even can set a target for points, and also assign special rewards, with expiry dates included!

Apart from the mobile app (which is the most handy), it does have a web-based option too, for those who don't have mobiles in the house...are there any?! The web-based platform also allows all users to scan in PDF’s of warranties, recipies, pictures and  super handy for keeping those elusive receipts

We would love our Fab mammas to try this out & save yourself tons of time trying to get organized!

Our Readers get to try out House monkey for Free for 30 days!!! Use coupon code I4dLNT (The coupon code is case sensitive!) So,Try it out Mammas!

After 30 days you have the option to buy the subscription and pay just $28.99 for the first year.

   $28.99 yearly fee includes:

  • All standard features of House Monkey – the preferred home management system
  • 1G of data for your home used at your discretion (videos, chat, appliance manuals, receipts, etc.)
  • Unlimited members in your family’s account
  • Access to your account via both the mobile app and the website
  • Accessible on any platform (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, mobile web browser)
  • No ads

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for House Monkey. Opinions/review is strictly our own!






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