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Mothers Day #Organic Beauty Finds!

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Here are some fab beauty finds for Moms that can dual as a Moms day gift! 

Trust Fund Beauty:

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For #Vegan Moms.... Looking for beauty products that are vegan and cruelty free ? Trust Fund Beauty products are made with love in the USA and EU and are always Vegan and Cruelty-free.  If you are looking to minimize the toxic content you are exposed to, and you believe you can be beautiful without being cruel, this indie cosmetics company is just for you & would dual as a perfect beauty gift for Vegan Moms!



On the hunt for beauty products made with organically sourced ingredients? Look no further - VirginN has you covered!

Created by Tonja Lee-Valdez, a top licensed aesthetician and spa expert with 13 years experience in skincare, VirginN Pure is made without harmful chemicals or additives. Their unique formula delivers proven results with gentle, skin-friendly and organically sourced ingredients such as micronized titanium and Silica providing anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits. Get both full protection and full coverage without the weight with VirginN Pure’s patented Z-Cote SPF 30. This mineral foundation naturally moisturizes with silk and rice protein while controlling oil.



Choose from many Organic products for hair and skin and get it custom gift wrapped by Surya Brazil with a personalized note! What a perfect Moms day gift!

Created with ingredients from the Amazon Rainforest and natural botanicals from around the world, Surya Brasil is passionately committed to creating the best natural, organic and vegan lifestyle products that promote health, wellness and sustainability!

Jouve' by ARIIX:


Another great find for Moms! Jouve' by ARIIX is a new line of clean label anti–aging products that presents a safe, holistic approach to skincare that promises to reveal the ageless beauty within. Each product in the Jouvé line has been formulated to meet four criteria

  • Safe – meticulously created products made with gentle, non-toxic ingredients
  • Effective – each product combats aging and reveals visible results backed by clinical data
  • Therapeutic – nourishing formulas protect and restore the skin’s radiance and health
  • Multi–functional – designed to fulfill more than one purpose and have multiple benefit

The Giraffe Razor Extension:

Finally another one of our fab finds for Moms to be!! 


A fun, useful, product for  expectant moms with the chance to shave comfortably at any stage of their pregnancy. Ultimately, the Giraffe makes it easier for pregnant women to reach their legs for a close shave, without hassle!


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