JanelleFunari NYFW 2017

Photo credits - Christina weeks


This  season of New York Fashion WeekJanelle Funari showcased a vibrant & stunning  collection that is inspired by the reminiscient Glory of Egypt, the ancient story telling of belly dance, the romance of colors & the ornaments that many women have worn through time. Here are some of our favorite  outfits from the collection:



 Photo credits:  Christina weeks

The brand's concept this season are comfy & ethereal pieces that can be worn day and night! It takes you on a journey through  beautiful places in the world such as Egypt, Greece, India, Italy, Spain and Dubai.The Collection is completed with hand painted silks with foil, gold lurex, exclusive hand made French laces, hand dyed silk ribbons, vintage hand dyed fringes, trimmed with metallic Italian python foil leather details.  


20170909 SFWNY JanelleFunari byAlbertE nologoz 11120170909 SFWNY JanelleFunari byAlbertE nologoz 79

 Photo credits: Christina weeks

The stunning footwear for the collection is from Kruzinand  beautiful Jewelry is by BurkinabaeIt was a treat to watch adorable pups strutting  the runway in  their  Maxine avenue NYC PUP collection outfits by Funari.



 Photo credits: Christina weeks
This Egyptian goddess collection was directly influenced from days of glam rock of David Bowie & Queen, & even inspired by  Lady Gaga! The message of the line was Peace Love unite to the world! The  hieroglpyhic foiled fabric said Peace Love & Funari in ancient writings.
20170909 SFWNY JanelleFunari byAlbertE nologoz 41
 Photo credits: Christina weeks
The fabrics used  had a  galactic swirl representing the chaos in the world.  One of the highlights is the use of fabric with the eye of Horus, an icon used in the middle east for protection. 
20170909 SFWNY JanelleFunari byAlbertE nologoz 9720170909 SFWNY JanelleFunari byAlbertE nologoz 131
Photo credits - Christina weeks
The closing song by Gad Elbaz Lchaim was a bitter sweet ending to the show representing a cry for peace and love necessary in this chaotic world right now! 
20170909 SFWNY JanelleFunari byAlbertE nologoz 193
 Photo credits - Christina weeks


  • Oh wow! I like the concept of comfy and ethereal for a fashion collection! Very pretty pieces.


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