Now, THAT's a great bag! The Great Bag Co by Robert Verdi!

Handbags have always been a fashionista's first-love accessory, but many of you fashionista mommies have probably wondered if there was ever a stylish bag that can be rugged enough to withstand mommy time! Here comes Model M, an innovative and stylish bag that is yet efficient, versatile and affordable!


Celebrity stylist and entrepreneur Robert Verdi does indeed understand every woman's need to be part of the fashion universe! Model M, designed by Robert, is truly a handbag inspired by his love of fashion and fine art!


This bag is  made with versatile  Fashion-Flex - a proprietary polymer - lead-and phthalates-free, silicon free, recyclable and waterproof! This means you can tote it along on your shopping mall trip! Fling it for trip to the park with kids , its waterproof, so dont worry packing all your kid's essentials, even drinks and snacks and more! Schlep it along when you need to pick up some groceries, or even lug it around when you need to move around with that heavy camera! It's your grab and go stylish summer bag!!

Whether it's out at the picnic ground, at a water park, or at your noisy-splashy girl's trip to the beach , you can sure move around with Model M in style!

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  • I really need a waterproof bag xD This is so cute


    Posted at 2016-06-13 23:47:24

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  • Beautiful bag for summer. Pink and orange are my favourite colours for summer totes. That looks so functional as well, perfect size:)

    Tiina A

    Posted at 2016-06-13 19:44:25

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  • What a clever Idea. The colour is nice and bright and its perfect for moms on the go.


    Posted at 2016-06-13 06:07:48

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  • That's such a perfect size tote. It's also so bright and fun for summer.

    Liz Mays

    Posted at 2016-06-12 23:22:59

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  • Beautiful handbag and a perfect size to throw in a lot of stuff. Beautiful colours and the fact that it's waterproof just wins it all for me


    Posted at 2016-06-12 15:28:48

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  • The bags are great. small , easy to carry and they look super light and manageable. The colours are beautiful too, I liked the first one and the blue one.

    subhadrika sen

    Posted at 2016-06-12 14:23:46

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  • Its great that the totes are kid friendly and suitable for taking outside in the rain because it is waterproof!

    Ana De-Jesus

    Posted at 2016-06-12 13:51:41

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  • Great bag and it looks very functional too! Thank you so much for sharing all the info on this fabulous bag!



    Posted at 2016-06-12 06:30:53

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  • I love that bag! It would be big enough to fit everything I haul around!


    Posted at 2016-06-12 05:30:00

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  • Oh my gosh that bag is so genius! It's not only adorable but it's so versatile and perfect for mommas on the go.


    Posted at 2016-06-12 04:41:46

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