Sweet treats and super heroes! Our picks for fun Halloween costumes for kids!

Fabzlist Halloween costumes for kids
Its almost Trick or Treat time!! Sweet treats and super heroes! Here is a little hillarious twist to the usual Halloween outfits, with delectable costumes based on your kiddo's favorite food!! From hot dogs to yummy ketchup to little cookie! Or how about a super hero costume, from Wonder woman to a Ninja?! Here are our picks for some super fun Halloween costumes for your kids to stand out & be the crowd favorites!
1. Toddler choclate chip cookie costume: This Chocolate Chip Cookie Costume won't crumble when your little one shows it off for Halloween! It's a yummy treat for your eyes!
2. Two Sided Peanut Butter and Jelly Costume:The classic combination of PB & J comes together for a quirky costume. It's easy to slip over the shoulders with comfortable straps — just pair it with comfy pants and a tee and good for some Halloween fun!
3Candy princess:  Imagine reigning over a kingdom filled with candy! Your sweet princess wears a spectacular gown fashioned of pleated tulle in a rainbow of colors.
4. Gumball Machine Costume: Wouldn't "chew" love to be a gumball machine? Bright and yummy, this costume slips on easily.
5. Pink Donut Costume: Donut worry, be happy! This Pink Donut Costume will bring joy to any Halloween festivity.
6. Silver Ninja costume:  It's a Ninja and he is fierce! You cant go wrong with this Ninja outfit!! 
7. Wonder women cosume: You'll be the strongest warrior princess! More power to your little girl in this outfit!
8. Taco costume: Let's be a yummy taco !  Your kid will love slipping into this  quirky costume! 
9. Its Ketchup: You say Tomato, while I say ketchuuup!! How is this cute outfit for the littlest member in the house!
10. Cutest Candy Witch Hard to imagine there's a sweeter witch out there.Fly from house to house trick or treating!



  • Haha those costumes are hilarious but sooo cute! I think I would love my daughter to wear the chocolate chip cookie costume as I would run around trying to bite a piece of her and she would just love that!


    Posted at 2017-10-18 00:52:23

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  • Can we all agree that the ketchup costume is the cutest thing ever?!. Too cute to eat!!


    Posted at 2017-10-18 00:16:56

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  • These are the cutest costumes! I just love that taco one mostly because I love tacos.

    Amber Myers

    Posted at 2017-10-17 23:15:14

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  • These customs are too cute. I would have loved to have been a candy princess. That custom is so adorable.

    Tasheena @ SimplyTasheena.com

    Posted at 2017-10-17 22:22:06

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  • The cookie costume is super cute! I might make one for my toddler daughter!!! I also love the ketchup one!


    Posted at 2017-10-17 21:38:17

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