#Organic School lunch?!...Think Healthy and stylish lunch boxes with Kangovou!

Kangovou, founded by mompreneur Pretty Govindji, offers kid-friendly, versatile, high quality food-grade stainless steel kid's dishware products that are BPA, PVC, phthlatate, lead, and melamine free. Their dishware sets are amazing - complete with two plates, two bowls, and a drinking cup, all made from food-grade stainless steel! In addition, each item comes with a removable outer jacket and lid! This dishware set literally grows with your child!


Once your baby is ready to move away from a bottle, you can start using these versatile sets - you can feed your baby a variety of items out of the Kangovou bowls such as pureed baby foods or baby cereal. As your child is ready for more solids, you can use the bowls for just about anything from soup, sliced apples, sliced vegetables, animal crackers, even a small salad! Your choices are endless!


The divided plate is great to use when you want to separate foods--its also an easy way to have condiments accompany food items. The flat plate accommodates larger food items such as a grilled cheese sandwich or a slice of pizza. And, the drinking cup has a snap on lid which includes a mixer and pop up covered drinking straw which helps keep the straw clean and prevent spills. The cup is tapered so it fits nicely into growing hands.

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Now, if you want to get some tips on what to pack in those kool hygienic dishware sets, we've got some tips! Here's our #Organic #storebought easy & healthy Toddler  #snackbox Shopping list for school!

Earth’s Best Crunchin Crackers are an excellent source of ion, zinc and six B vitamins. They also make snacking fun with Big Bird and Elmo in every bite!


Made Good organic granola bars are chewy goodness, and contain the nutrients in one full serving of vegetables.

Three Works Apple chips are a delicious way to snack!

FINN CRISP Snacks are baked with 100% wholegrain rye in a choice of tasty flavors – garlic & herbs, seeds & sea salt, tomato & rosemary, rye & sourdough. An all natural snack that’s rich in fibre.

Bana krisp fruit crackers come with a zesty fusion of orange and lemon rind, with fresh raspberries, creates the fruity punch of this great tasting Bana Krisp.

Peanut Butter is always yummy! Ensure you pick organic peanut butter...it will have a short and natural ingredient list, often containing just peanuts and salt.

Apples : Organic is the way to go to make sure its pesticide free! They are easily transportable, full of antioxidants, delicious and of course loved by kids and parents.

Cheese Sticks are always kid's favorites! But, ensure it's organic...organic farming practices are shown to increase the nutritional value of the milk.

Celery is a great alternate sncking vegetable, but as always, pay close attention and buy organic celery for your kids’ snacks!

Cheers to happy and healthy lunches for kiddos!



  • These are so cute! I would love to get these for my kids when they start school!


    Posted at 2016-05-19 11:48:18

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  • I know these are for children but i feel very tempted to get some for myself.there so cute.

    Gemima Cadet

    Posted at 2016-05-18 08:07:56

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  • While I don't have a kid yet, I wouldn't mind doing this for myself. The product itself is very nice looking.

    Allan Liwanag

    Posted at 2016-05-14 06:09:18

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  • I am so loving the look of these containers they definitely look like they grow with your child and loving the design and colour of them too


    Posted at 2016-05-14 00:24:26

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  • Oh, those boxes look amazing! I wish I could have similar ones as well. It's so difficult to order anything via online in Hungary even though it has been improving but still you can never be sure you get delivered. Funny that Finn crisp are popular! i though they

    Tiina A

    Posted at 2016-05-13 22:59:59

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