Panda Plates - Making life easier for Fab moms on the go!

If you’re like most parents, you know how difficult dinner time can be! Putting a healthy meal on the table that your child actually wants to eat (Every. Single. Night.) is no easy feat! And, on top of that, we all want our kids to eat healthy foods and to develop good eating habits at an early age! But when are we supposed to actually make that happen between work, carpooling, errands, chores and what not! How are we supposed to come up with new recipes, shop for all of the ingredients, cook, clean, and actually manage to feed ourselves?!

Don't worry fab moms! Here comes Panda Plates! Panda Plates has made it just as easy to serve your children the best food as it is to serve them fast food! Panda Plates meals are wholesome meals your kids will actually want to eat! Made from whole grains organic produce, and with proteins that are always antibiotic-free and hormone-free!


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And meals which are hand picked by you (from their fab list of options) is freshly packaged and delivered to your home—just reheat and serve!


What more, there is a bonus - these deliveries always come with fun activities to help your kids love mealtime even more!


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