6 Skin and Hair Summer must haves!!

By our Featured contributor Taryn Zawko

It's summer time and with that means a lot more time spent outside doing fun things! Summer is such a fun time and my kids love it! It means we get to the park a whole lot more, day trips and swimming! With all that fun in the sun comes some not so great issues with your skin, make up, and hair! Here are a few of my favorite products to help me all summer long. 


Summer16 Sun Protection


Sunblock: I like to use not only a sunblock on my body but I like to make sure on a pool day I use a sunblock that is just for your face. This helps me have fewer break outs. I like to use Neutrogena face sunblock and their body UV protection. They also have a great selection for baby and kids!


Rash guard:  This is a waterproof sun shirt that also has UV protection. You can pick one up at most kid retail stores that sell beach and pool attire. This is a great way of protecting your little ones skin and you do not need to remember to re-apply!


Tinted moisturizer:  A tinted moisturizer is great for summer. It keeps your face moisturized, has a tint of color to help give you coverage and also provides UV protection of 25. I don't really recommend this if you’re going to spending the day at the pool or beach but for your everyday wear or an hour or two out at the park! I use Arbonne’s medium tinted moisturizer but they no longer sell it, Neutrogena’s tinted moisturizer is a great alternative.


Hair protectant: This was something I never really thought about until recently but the sun can be damaging to your hair as well as your skin. Bed Head Beach Bound Protection helps keep your hair from drying out and breaking as you spend those summer days outside.


summer sun protection essntials


Vitamin E:  Vitamin e is great for your skin and helps out the moisturize we looks back in our skin. This is great to put on your skin at night after you washed your face. I use The Body Shop Vitamin E Hydrating Toner. 


Check out some of my picks and I hope you all have a safe and fun summer!!


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