Amby Gear's got your kids covered - look at these chic smart watches!

Do you want to ensure your kids are safe, but let them enjoy their childhood? Do you want to make your kids feel wow-ed by having them own one of the latest in wearables technology? Do you want your kids to feel empowered, and feel inspired and confident? Amby Gear’s got it covered for you!  
A combination of wearable GPS tracking, game console and activity and schedule manager, Amby Gear’s wearable technology adds the uber-chic factor to your kid’s look, while keeping them smart and safe at home, school or away. 

AmbyGear watches 

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Keep your little ones safe...

These cool wearables have a built-in GPS system which is tagged to an iOS/Andriod app which provides parents with location and activity monitoring. These watches also come along with a real-time communication platform with text and image sharing capabilities, including emergency alerts that can be triggered via an app on the wearable device. Add to that a tamper-alert which alerts parents if the device if removed from the child’s wrist, and you have a fool-proof way to keep your little tots safe!

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..and smart and organized at the same time!

These watches also come with a suite of educational games which stimulate your kid’s brains while keeping it fun, while allowing parents to impose parental guidance and restrictions on what apps and games are being used. An additional feature is the calendar feature which serves as a great tool to inculcate time management skills for your little ones. These features come bundled with a reward system which makes it engaging and fun at the same time. 


These chic wearables are sure to make your little one feel empowered while keeping it fun and safe!

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