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How difficult is it to have your kids take those vitamin pills?! And if you are one of those moms who rely on gummies for your little ones, have you thought about the sugar content those gummies have? So, what do we do? Let's take a look at alternaVites! alternaVites comes in small packets in crystalline powder form, ready to be consumed as-is, or mixed in your kid's favorite drink! These little wonder packs are packed with pure goodness, no sugar, no preservatives, no animal products/byproducts and no allergens. We had the chance to interview Hallie Rich, CEO of alternaVites, here are some highlights!

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AlternaVites kids is indeed a great all-natural alternative to sugary gummy vitamins! What was your inspiration behind starting this special vitamins brand for kids?

I created alternaVites out of my own need. Despite being the third generation in my family to be in the vitamin industry, I can’t swallow pills, so I’ve always had difficulty taking vitamins.  I decided to combine my industry experience with my frustrations as a consumer to develop a new and easier way to take vitamins! When I thought about this a bit more, I realized that this is a perfect solution for even kids, given the concern parents, pediatric dentists and nutritionists have about the kid’s vitamin aisle being full of sugary gummy vitamins.  

What are the key features that differentiates alternaVites from other gummy vitamin brands?

Really, the only main similarity is that we all fall under the vitamin category!  Other than that, alternaVites is really something that the vitamin industry hasn’t seen before.  First, since it’s a powder, you can take alternaVites Kids by pouring it on your tongue where it melts in your mouth like a pixie stick, or you can mix it into your food or beverage of choice.  This makes our product extremely convenient and versatile.  Additionally, our products contain both vitamins and minerals at optimal dosages.  This is different than most gummies because due to their form, there are only so many nutrients that can be fit into one.    Finally, we’re also different because of what we don’t have.  All alternaVites formulas are sugar free, gluten free, vegetarian/vegan, certified kosher, and contain no GMO ingredients, or any of the major food allergens!  

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Curious to know what was the initial reaction from kid/ consumers when alternaVites were launched! Did kids adapt easily to a crystal powder option as against gummies?

Kids are really excited about alternaVites.  First, the flavor names are fun, and this engages them right off the bat.  Then, since the powder can be incorporated so freely into their lives and they can take it any way they want any day they want, it actually becomes a fun decision every morning that they look forward to.  Parents love it because it’s no longer a hassle.  For me, that has been the most amazing thing to hear from parents - that their kids are loving taking a vitamin, and one that actually has a lot of nutrients in it!! What’s also really rewarding is that we have given a solution to parents of picky kids, or those with texture and taste issues.  Since the powder can be mixed into their child’s morning yogurt, cereal or smoothie without them necessarily knowing it, it’s a great option to ensure they are getting their vitamin without making a whole “to-do” about it.

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AlternaVites with smoothies is indeed a great option! What is your best smoothie recipe with alternaVite?

Definitely the leftover smoothie recipe.  I am notorious for waiting until the last minute to get to the supermarket, so this is the one I definitely make the most.  I take what’s left in the fridge (strawberries, bananas, spinach, what not!), throw in a packet of alternaVites, blend it all together and voila – delicious and nutritious morning smoothie! You can also substitute whatever you do have in the fridge, so it’s not exactly a science which is the beauty of this smoothie!



Tell us a little bit about what excites you apart from alternaVites! What do you love to do when you get some ‘me’ time? 


Definitely, spending time with my husband, my family and friends.  Whether we’re just relaxing, going for a run in Central Park, or having a night out at one of New York’s amazing restaurants, it’s the company I keep that matters most!  I love my job, and don’t mind the hard work I put in, but being able to spend whatever downtime I do have with those that I love is the best reason to turn off the computer and enjoy some free time.   

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Lastly, we know that apart from the vitamin business, you support social causes and is also in the process of writing a book! We would love to hear more about that!

I unfortunately lost my father to cancer, so it’s very important for me to give back and to try to ensure no more people have to go through what I went through.   That’s why I not only co-founded a charity, but I also make sure that my Company donates back to charities of all kinds.  We make it our business (literally and figuratively) to improve the health and well-being of our customers, both on a small scale and in a larger context.  Along with other charities, we work with Vitamin Angels as well as St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital as a Partner in Hope.

Along the same lines, a colleague and dear friend of mine is a registered dietitian and we constantly discuss the synergies between our lines of work.  Because of our experience, we are both often asked questions about the health and nutrition field since it’s hard for people to cut through all the clutter and misinformation out there.   After so many people suggested we spread our knowledge and expertise somehow, we decided to write a book together!  It’s called “Should I Scoop Out My Bagel, And 99 Other Answers to Your Everyday Diet and Nutrition Questions to Help You Lose Weight, Feel Great, and Live Healthy”, and will be available January 2016 by Skyhorse Publishing.  I’m so excited about the book and I can’t wait for people to read it and hopefully get a clear, informative and fun education on all the topics we cover. 


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