Date Night Essentials

As a Mommy, date nights can be few and far between. When they do make a rare appearance, I don’t hesitate to break out a cute pair of heels and get myself all dolled up. It’s so nice to be able to engage in some adult conversation, eat a meal the whole way through without interruptions, isn’t it?

Even though these date nights are pre planned (really-gone are the days of spontaneous dates, am I right?), I still have to switch from Mommy mode to just simply wife at the drop of a hat!

Because of that, for date nights, I usually end up taking my outfit from day to night by simply swapping a few items that I am wearing. This time of year I love wearing shorts, because they can be so versatile, and look great paired with sneakers or heels, plus it’s something super easy to transition from Play Date to Date Night.

These shorts are a favorite of mine because they are so comfortable. Transitioning them to date night was so simple for me- change the shoes, the bag and top and you are all set!

The high waist trend is one that I am totally on board with. I love these shorts because they are so comfortable and transition so well from day time casual to date night dressy.

Again, switching gears for date night is so simple. Leaving the shorts but changing your top, shoes and bag makes an instant statement!

When I am planning my date night looks, I have several essentials that I always have to include in my look.

  1. Clutch: I love giving my large “mom” purse a break and only carrying the essentials.
  2. Cute heels: This is a given! Date night translates to fun heels! You’re without your kids, live it up!
  3. A statement piece: whether it’s a necklace, your clutch, your shoes, it doesn’t matter. Have that one thing that stands out! Sometimes for it’s something as simple as a bold lip color!

What are some items that are essential for your date nights?

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