Eco-friendly candles with a Personalized twist - Mine Design!

After a busy day, home is a safe haven to relax and unwind in, even more so by the warm glow of a flickering, deliciously scented candle! We are sure you Fabz moms have tried many candles at home, but haven't you wondered how you can make the whole experience a bit more personalized? Mine Design has some great ideas for you! These clean-burning soy-based wax blends, with lead-free cotton wicks, come in delightful vessels that can be drawn on for a little personal touch!  

Mine Design Collage2

You sure would love the Copper and Ravel candles above, but wait, it gets even better! Mine Design's candles can be personalized with heartfelt hand-written touches:

Pencil a simple message on the “Noted” candle ($26), which comes in six delicious fragrances. The modern white-lined notebook-style candle comes in a ceramic vessel with a blonde wood-branded pencil to write notes that can be wiped clean and reused! Pick one of these and add that extra wow to the special dinner you are planning!

Mine Design Collage 1

Or, ignite creativity with the “Chalkboard” candle ($24) and write special messages, then erase and draw a masterpiece! Comes with chalk, the candles are available in classic black for the perfect personalized gift. Are you already thinking of dropping in a hint to your significant other?! Maybe you can turn it around, and suprise them this time around! You could even leave that special message for your kids!

The beautifully curated trio of “Triptych” candles ($52) come in a set of scents that can burn on their own or together to create blends that waft like rustic firesides, luscious dark florals or crisp winters nights!

Collage Triptych

What we love even more is that Mine Design is designed to ensure low-environment impact! Candles are blended and poured in an intimate batch-by-batch process, and the perfume-grade custom fragrances are never tested on animals!  And, recyclable packaging is customized per order, so there is no over-printing and no-waste!


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