Face, Eyes, Lips..check - Looking Fab for the holidays!

By our Featured contributor Taryn Zawko

The holidays can be such a fun and magical time! They can also be a very busy and hectic time between the presents, the preparation, and the parties, you can feel very overwhelmed! I'm here to give you an easy step by step holiday makeup look that will leave you feeling good and ready to have a great time at all your events!

Holiday Make up IMG 7483

Let's break in down into three parts! Face, eyes, and lips.

Face: First get your base on which you can make as simple or elaborate as you want. If you good at contouring then go for it! I'm not quite that skilled so I like to keep it simple and put some concealer (Elf under eye concelar ) then I put on my tinted moisturizer (Arbonne tinted mosturizer).



Eyes: This is where I like to add the most drama for a holiday or big event!


1. I put my shadow on (Cover girl Gold Sunrise Eye Shadow). Since it’s for a holiday party I suggest using a gold shadow or a fun shimmery color! Nothing says holiday better than a shimmering eye!

2. I put on my eye liner (Almay Eyeliner color Brown) I recommend lining your top lid to help give that dramatic look which is great for all those pictures you will be taking during your party! When doing s dramatic look i line the inside of my lower eye lid as well.

3. My biggest trick to add drama to your eye is false eye lashes (Ardell Natural False Eyelashes)! Helpful hint: cut your false lashes to fit your eye, this will give better more realistic fit to your eye, and then cut them in half. This makes them easier to apply. Also take your time putting the lashes on. If you rush you’re more likely to mess up!

4. The final step to the eyes would be your eyebrows (LORAC take a Brow eyebrow palette) fill in your eyebrows to your desired thickness and then your eyes are done!



Lips: Since it’s a holiday look you have to go with none other than a red lip (Sephora Lipstick)! It's the perfect lip shade for the holidays and classic sophisticated ways to add a pop of color to your look!


I am ready for the holiday fun, are you? Happy holidays Fabz moms!


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