Fayvel wear! Imagination, Character and Fun - Kid's shoes that pack a punch!

Stickers and kids is probably a connection made in heaven! Rarely does the sticker bait fail to calm a crying toddler, or for that matter make doctor's visits not something to look forward to! What if your kid could use stickers/tags to even customize their shoes?! Won't that be fun? Fayvel makes that possible!

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'Dream big. Smile often. Love always. Play hard. Respect all. Be yourself.' That's the Fayvel mantra for kids! 

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This adorable range of shoes from Fayvel can be customized with a great range of velcro-based Freize Tag patches, kids can go wild on their imagination!

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What more, with flexible light weight soles, athletic styling and toe guards, these shoes are super functional and comfortable!

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To add to that, these are completely Vegan, using no animal products! So, shop on, surprise your kids, and let them have fun with their imagination!

Fayvel single1 Fayvel Single2


  • These are so fun! I have never seen them before. I think my kids would love to customize their shoes depending on what is going on that day! Pretty cool!


    Posted at 2016-03-03 21:42:19

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  • Those are super cute. My daughter would have loved these when she was little. I am sure that if they have Spiderman ones she would put them on her shoes now and she is 18!


    Posted at 2016-03-03 21:35:21

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  • Looks like good fun for the kids to customize their shows esp. trainers. :)

    Julie Syl Kalungi

    Posted at 2016-03-03 21:34:40

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