Feather Drum: Bohemian Style For Kids By Designer Kelly-Lee

One of our favorite brands here at Fabzlist is without a doubt Feather Drum. Designer Kelly-Lee children's line offers a refreshing blend of bespoke prints, bold shapes and quality fabrics. Kelly- Lee has drawn inspiration from her natural bohemian style to produce this gorgeous range of quality garments that are fashion forward, sophisticated and fun to wear for free-spirited girls and boys.

We love a great entrepreneurial story - How did it all begin?

The abridged version is that prior to creating Feather Drum, I was a corporate lawyer in the heart of London. I took a chance on love in another land… Australia. We had a child that I was told I would never have. It caused me to re-evaluate what I wanted to do. And here we are……. I had a very clear vision of what Feather Drum was to be. I drew lots, and wrote copious notes and ideas, and ultimately breathed life into something that now has a life of its own.


What is your favorite item you ever designed?

So far, that would have to be my harem jumpsuit. I just love it. It’s so comfy, yet so stylish. A lot of thought when into the design to create a jumpsuit that had a lot of bohemian flair and one that really stood out from the crowd. It’s been one of my best sellers and quite a few celebrity kids have been spotted in it!


What is one word that would describe your designs?  Distinct!


Patterns/ prints are a huge part of your collections. Any tips for mommies who are trying to mix patterns/prints?

Feather Drum is known for its custom prints and they lie at the heart of our collections. Print on print, clashing prints, prints with plains … all work phenomenally well. There’s no great secret to achieving a fantastic look using prints, other than to experiment and see what works. Footwear and accessories will always help make a great outfit into an outstanding one. I’m a big fan of sneakers, boots, clogs, hats and scarves.


What inspired your Lost Oasis SS15 Collection?

The Lost Oasis SS15 Collection was inspired by thoughts of Summer holidays on the coast as kids in years gone by. Playing, exploring, conjuring up thoughts of pirates, wild animals and mystical beasts in the wide imaginations that kids are blessed with.


Which celebrity mom's wardrobe would you raid?

I would raid Kate Moss’ wardrobe first and then have a good dig around in Nicole Richie’s and Sienna Miller’s. I just love the style that oozes from these gorgeous ladies.



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