German craftsmanship meets timeless elegance - Kate from Oberwerth!

For those of you who have found it a bit unwieldy to carry along a stand-alone camera bag in one hand along with your uber stylish hand bag in the other, Oberwerth's Kate is a blessing, that too one cast in timeless elegance! Oberwerth, a manufacturer of exclusive camera bags that are 100% handmade in Germany, has crafted Kate as a rare mix between a designer handbag and a camera bag! In fact, Kate can be used even as a messenger bag, laptop bag or you could even pair it with a classy office outfit!

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Versatile, yet made with the photography enthusiasts in mind, a special camera insert can also be added, which holds a camera and two lenses. Featuring adjustable partitions, it can be tailored to your equipment and its sturdy Velcro fastening keeps everything in place!

We had the pleasure of interviewing Regina Immes, Chief Designer and founder of Oberwerth! Read on, and feel inspired, Fabz moms! And, you've got a special gift this holidays - Check out their Kickstarter Campaign! 

Kate Designer

Must say, We love the functionality of these super stylish 'All in One' handbags! We would love to hear the inspiration behind designing the "KATE" collection...
Yes, we actually wanted the KATE to be a combination of functionality, style and superior quality. I'm on the go a lot for work, and spent many years searching for the ultimate bag for all occasions. I couldn't find one anywhere, so I just decided to design it myself.

Can you tell us a bit about what got you interested in Accessory Design? Bags in specific?
I was inspired to dream up and produce multifunctional camera bags by my love of uniting outstanding materials with well-thought-out design. I founded the Oberwerth label, and developed our characteristic look. Our products leave no stone unturned when it comes to functionality, and carry an assured sense of style! They also never compromise on the high quality of their materials, workmanship and design. This was recognised in the spring of 2015 when we were presented with the Red Dot Award for outstanding design in the Lifestyle and Accessories category! Our head juror was none other than the famous bag and shoe designer, Jimmy Choo!!!

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'KATE' Collection is a real style statement! What are your favorite key features that makes these handbags super functional ?
What I most like about the KATE is that it’s exceptionally light and conveniently sized. It comes with two straps in different lengths that let you use it as a handbag or a messenger bag. It also fits a removable camera pouch that can hold, say, two lenses and a mirrorless camera by Fuji, Sony or Leica, for example. On top of that, we offer a matching key wallet and a clutch bag, both of which can be attached to the main bag itself. These “mini KATEs” provide space for such items as your cellphone, keys and cosmetics!

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Lastly, as a Designer, Any tips for our mommies on the must have accessories this  Holiday season?
My first tip has to be the KATE, of course! With the help of Kickstarter, we want to give everyone the chance to own a high-quality bag that’s been handmade in Germany. What’s more, we want to do it for a fraction of the price you’d normally associate with the fashion industry. And my second tip? No wardrobe would be complete this winter without a cape and a stylish hat!


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