Green Beauty Rules - An eco-responsible beauty routine!

In Green Beauty Rules, celebrity make-up artist and beauty expert Paige Padgett shares insider secrets about the beauty industry, while seamlessly linking environmental issues with her modern beauty philosophy. Paige is a make-up artist to several celebrities including Jillian Michaels, an expert on beauty routines, and an irreverent free spirit!

Green Beauty2

In this book, Paige explains about toxic chemicals that are found in some of your favorite cosmetics, how to slowly start a step-by-step journey to a chemical-free beauty routine, and while keeping it inexpensive! The book is a must-have for those who want to stay responsible in their beauty routines!

Here’s some thoughts from Paige directly for our FabZlist readers!

We would love to talk about your book 'the Green beauty rules'! We understand that the book gives many fabulous tricks and tips to look glamorous, while staying with with green, eco friendly and skin friendly beauty products! What inspired you to write this book? 

I always felt the need for a green beauty routine! The need to let women find a way to look beautiful in a resposnsible, green and organic way! I wanted to share my thoughts on this front from a make up artist perspective!

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If you were to pick one favorite topic to talk about from this book, what would that be?

I'm super passionate about the topic of skin absorption! The skin absorbs 60% of any substance that is applied! Knowing that, it's easy to see why you should consider your beauty routine like a diet. It must be considered in a similar way as your nutritional diet in terms of toxic chemical intake.  

You are a fab mom yourself! Any everyday quick green beauty routine to maintain a youthful skin that you would like to share with our moms?

Lots of hydration, sleep and sunscreen. And good BB cream is a fabulous quick fix. 

Can you recommend a quick fix everyday makeup routine for us moms to look fabulous? What green products would you recommend?

Multiples are my go-to products for on-the-go moms. I love W3ll People Narcissist Foundation Stick. You can use it as a foundation or concealer. And Jane Iredale Just Kissed  Lip and Cheek Stain which imparts the prettiest pop of pink and the perfect amount of dew! 

Lastly, With all the stress that comes up with being a celebrity make-up artist, how do you still manage to balance things and stay fab? Any tips for our moms?

Staying organized is my best time saver. I prep my day the before I go to sleep at night. I get my daughters clothes ready for day care and anything else she needs to have for the next day and then do the same for me! Also, I strive to mediate on a regular basis. It's challenging, but it's something I'm teaching my daughter, so that we can do it together! Right now we are working on two minutes a day! 


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