Hometown All Stars - Inspire your kids to step out and play!

The Hometown All Stars is a series of books that will inspire 4-7 year olds to have fun! Created to teach baseball through bedtime reading, and to get kids playing outside again, the Hometown All Stars series touches on high-interest topics that will stimulate conversation with young readers. And encourage them through the story of Nick, a boy they can relate to, and his baseball team!

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The creators behind this book series are 2 real Hometown All Stars from Woodstock, New York, Kevin Christofora and Dale Tangeman, both inspired by the need to spread the excitement of baseball to all children! And with that motive, they created a series of books that can get the excitement of baseball in your kids, and get them out playing again!

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The Hometown All Stars are a bunch of lovable, memorable characters that kids can identify with.  They are both boys and girls, have diverse backgrounds, and all have unique personalities! Like real kids!

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