5 beauty essentials for the perfect summer look!

By our Featured Contributor Rebecca @ www.mommyinheelsblog.com


There has to be something in the summer air that makes me want to spend less time getting ready in the morning. I don't want to call it being lazy, but one would think that's the case! Maybe it's because the weather is nicer, and the days are longer, but I just have less desire to have a full face of makeup and perfectly coiffed hair! This time of year I usually break out certain products that not only get me through the summer but help break down my time getting ready without compromising how I look. 


Here are my top 5 summer beauty must haves:

Bronzing trio1

This awesome bronzing trio from Bare Minerals is a great and easy way to give you a sunkissed look. There are two different bronze shades so you can choose the depth at which you want to be bronzed. There is also shimmer that you can add as well. I love using that instead of blush some days. 



Lip balm1

Tinted lip balm is another favorite of mine. Easy, quick, and can be reapplied without a mirror throughout the day! A bonus is that it also has SPF, which is a must when being in the summer sun.




Sea Salt hair blow dry

One thing I dread doing in the warmer months is blow drying my hair. I feel like it makes me so hot that I have to shower again afterwards! Because of that, I love using sea salt spray and letting my hair air dry. The sea salt spray adds some nice texture and gives you the "I just spent the day at the beach but my hair still looks good" look. 



Air brush legs1

Sally Hansen's Airbrush Legs is by far my favorite. I am not a big fan of my legs, but at the same time I don't want to wear pants on a ninety degree day. Airbrush legs gives a smooth, tinted finish to your legs. I feel like it masks my cellulite and spider veins so well. There is also a little shimmer as well. It is easy to apply, dries quickly and doesn't transfer to your clothes. I do not leave home without applying this when I am baring my legs! 



Bare Minerals Tinted Moisturizer

Lastly, a tinted moisturizer is just the coverage I am looking for. With the hot days one of the last things I want to do is load on the makeup. This tinted moisturizer gives me just enough coverage to smooth out my blemishes by keep my face feeling light. It also has SPF 30!


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