Kid's glasses morph in to a fashion statement - Take a look at Safilo's path breaking designs!

If your little one wears eye glasses, you've got to read this! Kid's eye glasses have often been associated with being nerdy and 'unfashionable', some thing that probably takes the fun out of wearing them! Bulky, 'takes the softness of my kid's look', breaks often, pesky nose pads leaving permanent marks, dull..the list of complaints go on! Safilo, a leading Italian eyewear designer brand, offers a path breaking, refreshing solution to this problem! Kids by Safilo is an innovative eye wear collection specially designed for 0-8 years old, designed with Pediatric Opthalmologists, and engineered with advanced technologies and materials! 

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We had the opportunity to attend a children's vision and eyewear discussion hosted at Safilo's NYC showroom, and got to take a peek and learn more about Kids by SafiloDr. Andrea Thau, President of the American Optometric Association, joined leading paedeatric opthalmologist Ken Nischal and Safilo's North American Director of Brand Management Bruce Abramson to discuss essentials for kid's eye wear, and how Kids by Safilo offers a great solution for little ones needing eye glasses. They also had great advice for parents, especially highlighting the importance of comprehensive eye and vision assessments for kids aged 6 months to 1 year.

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Kids by Safilo's product line solves common problems associated with improper tips and fit problems around the ear, exposed hinges posing danger during trauma, and uncomfortable bridges. And most importantly, the transparent frames are discreet, and almost 'invisible', blending in to your child's face beautifully! To top it all, they come in a very affordable range from $98-$120!

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These wonder frames are made 100% in Italy leveraging advanced technology, and using bio-compatible, hypo allergenic, non-toxic materials - your little ones can even chew on them, can you believe that? These frames also have a flexible and light structure which is shock resistsant and washable. What more? They come in a varierty of colors to your little one's likings!

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Check them out at Solstice Sunglasses at many locations including JFK airport and South Beach, Miami! And give a wonderful gift to the precious little ones in your that they would thank you every day for!

Note: Parents and teachers can visit AOA.ORG or for more information and to find an eye doctor near you.

Fabzlist participation in the 'Kids by Safilo' event was sponsored by Safilo. All thoughts and opinions are our own.




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