Ollie and Olina - Lovely keepsakes for your sweet little ones!

Expecting a child is one of the most memorable experiences.  Shouldn’t it be honored with an equally memorable gift? This thought is the inspiration behind the brand Ollie and Olina! With an adorably cute range of bibs, burp clothes and heirloom quilts, Ollie and Olina gives you several options for the perfect gift to new moms! Check out an interview with the creator of Ollie and Olina, Erika LaPean!

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Ollie and Olina is such a beautiful Keepsake collection, tell us a little about how it all began?

When my first daughter was born, I wanted a beautiful keepsake that would forever remind me of those first precious months.  Using the sewing machine that my grandmother gave me 13 years ago, I created my first quilt.  Over time, my family grew, along with my love for creating handmade heirloom treasures.
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What is the inspiration behind the heirloom collection? 
New mothers deserve a memento of their children’s first months. A little piece of function and beauty.  The journey of parenthood spans many memories – from the time we bring our children home from the hospital to when they start their own family. From their first steps to that walk down the aisle. From preschool to graduate school.
The Hello, Bear fabric collection from designer Bonnie Christine was instantly the perfect neutral and whimsical line to use for my heirloom collection. This fabric was inspiration on it's own! Illustrated with woodsy tones like pastel moss, conifer and bark, Hello, Bear invites all young at heart explorers to frolic and listen to the playful sounds of the wilderness. 
Ollie Quilt
If you were to pick a favorite piece from the collection , what would that be?
My favorite print is the Summit Dawn. The print is multi-colored hills with varied patterns on an ivory background. The colors are so soft in person, and really allow a new mom to play with lots of colors in the nursery. With the faux-chenille and binding in a soft mint color, it plays with dots that look like little fireflies in the sky.
Being a Momprenuer, how do you juggle work and family life?
I've been working from home for a long time, and my children have grown up knowing that mom needs to take phone calls and they have to keep voices to a hush. I have an awesome calendar that holds all my important information and of course, my iPhone I can't live without. But my girls have grown into this business with me and really embrace it as well. They even help out in the studio when they can, and love to talk about the quilts and their special qualities. I let them play with scissors and fabric so that way we are all working together. 
Ollie family
What can we expect from Oliie and Olina brand in the future?
Ollie & Olina will be creating heirloom quilts forever. This is our passion! We love newborns and giving memorable gifts. Each year we plan to release a new set of prints. Word has it that designer Bonnie Christine will come out with another amazing, whimsical line in 2016 and we hope to incorporate those beautiful prints into our collections.



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