Pink Truck - A Clothing Line for All Ages that Blurs the Gender Divide!

"Can girls love trucks or planes or for that matter cars or race cars? Why not? And if they can, isn't it cool to have a clothing line that's inspired by their love for  cool stuff like these? Check out designs from Pink Truck, a unique brand focused on getting this right! As their founder Dana Babbin says, "it’s not just a boy thing or a girl thing to love trucks and’s a kid thing, and we dig that!" Check out an interview with Dana and some inspiring designs from Pink Truck!

We love that pink truck is such a feminine expression for girls who love trucks and trains! We would love to hear the story behind the brand! Tell us how it all began?

Pink Truck began with my twin daughters, Gia Quinn and Dennehy, whom I refer to as my "twinspiration." Even before age 1, they exhibited a fondness for "everything truck" . . . diggers, dozers, loaders, fire engines, monster trucks, tractors, and snowplows. Our daily activities often included visits to local construction sites to watch the trucks do their work, and, in the wintertime, we went on many a "snow plow hunt"! The twins just adored it all!

When I was with my kids shopping for some clothes at a nearby department store one day, it struck me that they are reaching for the  t-shirts with trucks in the boys section and I quickly learned there were no comparable designs in the girls section! This seemed unfair and it likewise struck me as odd that there weren't any t-shirts in the toddler boys section that were embellished with pink designs! I began to wonder why stores and brands were pigeon holing our kids that way, and stereotyping them at such an early age! That's when the idea behind Pink Truck took shape!


If you were to pick a few of your favorite pieces from the collection, which ones would that be?

I'm an adult, so I love all of the adult products I carry. I wear my cute tees under my suits when I'm working for my legal consulting work (my other job), or I pair them with shorts or jeans. The best selling adult item is my Dream Hoodie. It's just a great go-to sweatshirt for warmer weather (I wear mine every day inside my air-conditioned home office), boating, and breezy evenings. My other adult sweatshirt is a must for colder temps, and a speciality is that it is very soft to the touch! Finally, I wear the heck out of my long-sleeve hooded t-shirt! The pink really pops on the black fabric, and there's nothing more practical than a cute long-sleeve tee in wintry New England. The drawstring hood on it is a real bonus!

For the kids, I'm partial to the brand's logo,Pink Truck, so those t-shirts are my own personal favorites. But I think my followers might favor two of our most recent designs,Pink Engine (a fire engine) and Pink Tugboat. When I have all of the designs in front of people, they often struggle with the decision on which one to purchase. They all are really cute!


Your twins are adorable ! What is your favourite thing about being a mom?

My first thought is the hugs! I'm not a very touchy-feely person, usually. But I just can't get enough of my kids hugs!

Another thing I love about being a mom is the eye-opening experiences of it. For example, realizing that I'm suddenly doing so many things that I swore I'd never do when I was a parent! Or when the kids say something clever and remind me of how things look or sound from a new little person's perspective! Those moments are precious. As parents, we all have those with our kids, and we want to put those magical moments into a bottle and be able to experience them over and over again, but we can't! Those moments are quick, those moments are specific to the circumstances that surround them, and they are priceless. I wouldn't trade them for the world!!


Any styling tips for our fab mommies on the must haves for kids this summer?

Of course, I'm going to suggest that your readers should jump on the Pink Truck and join us in "changing gear"! That's indeed our slogan:...'"It's time to change gear"! It has a lot of meanings that work with our brand name. First, there's the obvious meaning - when driving a truck, you can change from one gear to the next! Then there's  the other literal meaning of "gear" as clothing, so we're therefore asking people to get some new gear! Finally, there's the most important meaning of all - changing the way you think! So, by spreading the Pink Truck brand far and wide, we're sending the message to the world that pink isn't just a color, it's a mindset! Pink truckers let others know that they want kids to know that their options are endless . . . that kids can be passionate about anything . . . that they can pursue their dreams! We dig that!

I'm a big fan of comfort, that's why I love cute tees. Who doesn't love a cute t-shirt? You can dress it up or down. You can layer it over a long-sleeve shirt, or wear it over a swimsuit. And when it can send a great message at the same time? Now that's the perfect tee, if you ask me!


Finally, what can our moms look forward to seeing from Pink Truck in the coming seasons?

By fall, we should have our next design available on the website - Pink Car! We're trying to get that photo shoot scheduled now. Meanwhile, we're taking design votes from people who visit our tables at events; we use these votes to determine our next designs. Soon, we'll be sending out an email campaign asking for more advice on the next design or two. It's a lot of fun to see what people encourage us to print next!

In addition to new designs, we'll be expanding some of our "kid-only" designs into adult sizes (such as Pink Plane), and we'll be offering the Pink Truck on hats and lounge pants!!


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