Pure, Simple and Gentle - Jill's got you covered with TotLogic!

When it comes to your little one's, you need nothing but the best to keep them clean and healthy! Have you ever wondered which products you can trust? The TotLogic family of products can possibly solve your problem! TotLogic, from Logic Products brings us a full suite of bath, body and haircare products for infants, toddlers and kids. These products are made entirely in the USA from plant and mineral ingredients, keeping it pure, simple and authentic. We had a chance to interact with Jill Taft, Founder of Logic products and here are the highlights!

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TotLogic Products is indeed a great idea in these times when organic products are as relevant as it ever could be! Can you share the original inspiration behind the brand?

My children were, and continue to be the inspiration for Logic Products! I wanted to have an assortment of products that were safe and eco-friendly for my family and home. It all started in my kitchen sink as an experiment, and then I shared the products with a bunch of friends. To my surprise, other moms started to spread the word, and calls came in from around the country asking for these products! 

There are so many great natural brands out there that I loved, but at the time none addressed multiple needs across several categories that were important to me. So, I decided to create a company that offered trusted products under the Logic Products brand, and started to add one brand at time. My primary focus was to ensure that the products made sense to moms to little kids - they needed to be simple and non-toxic, 100% plant and mineral based, effective, and should smell great!

Tell us a little bit about you and your family, and how have you found balance in managing a family and running a business. Would love to hear your tips!

To be perfectly honest, balance is elusive! It is something I need to find more of! If you have any tips for me, please let me know!  But seriously, it is very important to be able to turn business off and spend some time with my children in the evenings when they come home from school, and their after school activities. I love to cook, so we have family dinners together most nights, and then I often get back to work after they have fallen asleep. On the weekends, we do a lot of day trips together, and have family movie nights! And summer is a very special time when we travel together as a family, and go on adventures! We have a lot of fun together!


If you could give any advice to moms looking at starting a business, what would it be? 

Well, first off, you should only do it if you are very passionate about something. And you should never listen to all the people who will tell you it is impossible, of which there will be many – often extended family members and friends, and even acquaintances. However, If you are committed and love what you want to do, then believe in yourself and give it 120%. But, be warned that things will change, and you will not have as much time to spend with your kids. All working moms have this dilemma though, whether they are self employed, or employed by someone else.  

It is challenging to run your own business, and never as glamorous as some may think, and it is a bit like being on a roller coaster every day! So, you will need nerves of steel, and to be able to multi task really well!!


Lastly, tell us a little bit about what excites you apart from Logic Products! What do you love to do when you get some mommy time?

I live in New York City, so I love to walk everywhere and explore different neighborhoods. I am a big fan of different cuisines, and love to find new restaurants - everything from Ethiopian to Korean to Soul Food, you name it.  I also like to have girls nights out with my friends, and go to different spas around the city. I  love to ride my bike, and work out too! I do not get much time alone these days, so even just sitting down quietly on my couch can seem like a real treat!  


And what excites me at work is when I hear from  a customer about how much they love Logic Products, and how our products have made a positive difference in their lives! We are also excited to give back, and feel grateful to be able to participate in so many community events, and donate products to organizations in need. It feels so good to be able to make a positive impact!


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