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Super cute back to school essentials with Stephen joseph!

When it comes to back packs and lunch bags for your little ones, it's so very important to get the right mix of fun and functionality! And most importantly, if it's not at least half as cheerful and whimsy as your little one, would you really want to lug them around? That's a tough ask, FabZ moms - but we've got Stephen Joseph covering it this time around!


With everything from backpacks to cross body purses (why not!), lunch boxes, duffle bags and roller bags for your kids, Stephen Joseph's ware comes with an unmistakble blend of aesthetics, cheerfulness and whimsical charm!

No wonder these neat little picks have been spotted in celebrity-and-kid sightings, every one from Ben Affleck to Jessica Alba to Naomi Watts!

They are indeed fun and fab, adds that extra dose of energy to your little one...and this little one for sure knows how to carry them around!

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Don't forget to get one in time, Fabz moms! You can check out the full collection here: https://stephenjosephgifts.com/products/categories/school-gear

   Super cute Back to School Gear Stephen Joseph


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  • These are beyond super cute, whatever that may be! The watermelon set is just adorable.

    Tania Potter - Soul Sense Coaching

    Posted at 2016-08-31 18:54:57

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