Turning your kid's art in to adorable plushies - Magic by Budsies!

Have you thought about a nice way to take care of the pile of art your kid's bring from school? Now that kids are back to school, What can we do with all the fun artwork from the summer break?! What better than converting them into adorable plushies? Budsies brings this wish in to a reality! A perfect way to treasure your child's creativity for ever, each Budsie is skillfully hand-made using quality hypo allergenic fabric and quality polyester fiber. From basic scribbles to professional illustrations, Budsies can convert just about anything in to a huggable plushie!

So, the next time your little one brings that neat little art from school, keep it safe, hand it over to Budsies and wait for the magic to unfold! Voila, your child's art has almost come to life!

Budsies Collage1Budsies3

And when that happens, the glee on your child's eyes is unmistakeable!  

Budsies collage2



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