Whimsical designs with a bit of an edge - An interview with the founder of Wyatt Lily

Sparkly star-accented tutu dresses, flowy tiered halter dresses, ideal for warm summer days, breezy swing tops, tees with cheeky sayings, the signature Wyatt Lily NYC collection has it all! WyattLily New York, founded by fab mom Rachel Uchitel, is an Upper West Side NYC boutique catering to the city’s most discerning mini-fashionistas. Inspired by Rachel's 3 year old daughter Wyatt Lily, the brand's signature summer collection is playful, with a dash of New York chic! Check out our interview with the gorgeous mamma behind this beautiful collection, Rachel Uchitel!

wyatt lily 

We totally adore the signature Wyatt Lily NYC collection, what is your inspiration behind this particular collection?
The inspiration behind this collection is in fact what I built the entire store around originally. Our brick and mortar store in Manhattan has a wall full of gold stars and bright pink and turquoise bags, that's what our brand is based around. From here we came up with a colorful line! Of course, Wyatt is always my muse!  

If you were to pick a few of your favorite pieces from the collection, which ones would that be?

Undoubtedly, the pastel star skirts! They come in 5 gorgeous colors. I literally couldn't pick a favorite, which is why we ended up with so many options...they come in lavender, pink, green, mint, and blue accented with gold stars. 

Wyatt skirt 

You are such an inspiration to so many women! What is your best piece of business advice to aspiring mom-prenuers?

The biggest asset I have as a businesswoman is my ability to problem-solve. That is the key to anything. Don't hide that you don't have all the answers - just be capable enough to find out anything you need to in a timely manner!  It will gain you respect instantly.
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Your daughter Wyatt is adorable! Whats your favourite thing about being a mom?
My favorite thing about being a mom is the moment I walk in the door. No one is ever as happy to see me as she is, no matter what happened that day!

Any styling tips for our mommies on the must haves for kids this summer?

Must-haves include a statement t-shirt, for boys and girls. I always think it's important to let the child have a say in how they want to dress from an early age. Wyatt has been verbal since she was 2 about what she wanted to wear and what she didn't. I ended up learning that, sometimes the coolest outfit was a dress with a pair of sneakers.

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Finally, what can our fab moms look forward to seeing from the Wyatt lily collection this Fall?

Bright colors. Unique designs. Comfortable fits.


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