Fabzlist Halloween costumes for kids

Its almost Trick or Treat time!! Sweet treats and super heroes! Here is a little hillarious twist to the usual Halloween outfits, with delectable costumes based on your kiddo’s favorite food!! From hot dogs to yummy ketchup to little cookie! Or how about a super hero costume, from Wonder woman to a Ninja?! Here are our picks for some super fun Halloween costumes for your kids to stand out & be the crowd favorites!
1. Toddler choclate chip cookie costume: This Chocolate Chip Cookie Costume won’t crumble when your little one shows it off for Halloween! It’s a yummy treat for your eyes!
2. Two Sided Peanut Butter and Jelly Costume:The classic combination of PB & J comes together for a quirky costume. It’s easy to slip over the shoulders with comfortable straps — just pair it with comfy pants and a tee and good for some Halloween fun!
3. Candy princess:  Imagine reigning over a kingdom filled with candy! Your sweet princess wears a spectacular gown fashioned of pleated tulle in a rainbow of colors.
4. Gumball Machine Costume: Wouldn’t “chew” love to be a gumball machine? Bright and yummy, this costume slips on easily.
5. Pink Donut Costume: Donut worry, be happy! This Pink Donut Costume will bring joy to any Halloween festivity.
6. Silver Ninja costume:  It’s a Ninja and he is fierce! You can’t go wrong with this Ninja outfit!!
7. Wonder women consume: You’ll be the strongest warrior princess! More power to your little girl in this outfit!
8. Taco costume: Let’s be a yummy taco!  Your kid will love slipping into this quirky costume!
9. Its Ketchup: You say Tomato, while I say ketchup!! How is this cute outfit for the littlest member of the house!
10. Cutest Candy Witch:  Hard to imagine there’s a sweeter witch out there. Fly from house to house trick or treating!

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