Peace Love World. 3 wonderful words that capture the ethos behind the luxury lifestyle brand as well as the inner belief of the brand’s visionary founder Alina Villasante! Based in Miami, and a Cuban by descent, Alina is truly a world citizen in her beliefs, and that shows up clearly in Peace Love World’s designs. With a fan following that includes A-list celebs like Jennifer Lopez and Halle Berry, Peace Love World has blazed a unique trail for itself in the little over 6 years (can you believe that!) since it opened it’s the first store in Miami.

We had the pleasure of meeting Alina at her NYC showroom, and we are definitely richer by that experience! We cannot wait to share a few of her thoughts, as relevant as ever in this Mother’s Day week!

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How did you get started in the industry?

I began designing clothing as a hobby.  Each year, I would host a Love Party where I began making t-shirts, pyjamas, and jewellery for my closest friends and the special women in my life. Everyone went crazy over the designs and I felt that there was more to it. While we were in the process of selling our aviation business, I founded Peace Love World, continued designing and manufacturing t-shirts, hoodies and sweatpants.  Once the sale closed, I moved our offices across the street and launched the website and opened our first retail store later that year.

What is your inspiration behind this Mother’s day collection? 

“A mother’s love is forever” because it describes the unconditional and eternal love that we as moms possess.  Every year I try to dedicate a piece of my collection to the mother’s who not only run their families but as women, we run this world. Being a mom is a full-time job, and we must love and embrace the women around us.


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If you would pick one piece for your Mom from the Peace Love World Mother’s Day Gift Guide, what would that be?

The #NotesToMom Scarf is my favourite Mother’s Day piece this year. It includes handwritten notes to all moms declaring unconditional love and gratitude for everything they do. It is a way for the collection to also represent a child’s eternal love for their mother.

You are such an inspiration to so many women! What is your best piece of business advice to aspiring mom-prenuers?

It’s important to stay grounded, focused and grateful. Being a mom is a full-time job, and trying to find the balance between work and home can be difficult. Always believe in yourself, love your children and remember the most important things in life are not THINGS!

What fashion advice would you give our mommies?

A woman should always be confident, comfortable and elegant wherever she goes. Elegance is an attitude!


Hope you enjoyed that, and more importantly, got inspired as moms! We are sure you want to see Peace Love World’s picks for Mother’s Day, here we go!

Some super cute and empowering tees for young moms…

Peace Love World Article

Fabulous accessories to go with, and the signature Mother’s Love white scarf, Alina’s favourite pick! Can you believe that’s our give away for the lucky winner this week?!

Peace Love World Article

…And don’t forget to share one of these heartwarming notes with the mom in your life!

Happy Mother’s Day Week, Fab Moms!!!


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