The whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts, as Aristotle says! Inspired by this design philosophy, SUM glasses has carved a niche for itself in the market. Gone are the days where you had to spend big on buying that 1 or 2 sunglass you have to sue for the next few years of your life! Why not have the same flexibility, freedom and choice that you are used to elsewhere when it comes to choosing your sunglasses? SUM glasses has the exact solution to your problem!

Providing consumers with an option to mix and match the face, base and arm components the way they want it, SUM glasses bring in a new level of flexibility in sunglass shopping and wearing! And, with 7 base colours, 12 face colours and 12 arm colours, that gives you 145,152 fab options to choose from. And that comes at an amazingly affordable price range! Can you ask for more?!

Check out some of our fav combinations right here! We love the blues and whites for sure! But, with so many choices, why limit yourselves to 2 colors! Mix and match, and have some fun!

Shop on and pick your favourites!


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