My favorite season of the year is back!! It’s that time of the year to freshen up all  Fall favorites in the closet – Blazers, Jackets, Coats, wool and cashmere Scarves and Capes and more!
 The thought of lugging all these delicate pieces to the dry cleaner used to get to me in earlier years…and the best way out always was to hide them away in my closet and never use them! Thankfully, I have DRYEL to the rescue now! Saves me time and money…and I can Dry clean all of my delicate clothes from the comfort of home!
For those of you new to this home-based dry cleaning system, Dryel is a great alternative to a trip to the dry-cleaner for clothes that needs extra love and attention!
You can use it on special care items like dresses, sweaters and blouses that call for hand washing or line-drying, and also for pieces that are difficult to wash…like your favorite denim or corduroy jacket or pants. It is also safe to use for cashmere and wool fabric!
How can you use the Dryel kit to Freshen Your Fall Wardrobe? Well, here you go!
Dryel works in your dryer! It does not use any harsh dry cleaning chemicals!
  •  You just have to spray the tough stain spots on your clothes with the booster spray.
  •  Then place your clothes in the special Dryel bag, that comes with the kit, along with the dryer activated Dryel cleaning cloth. The bag holds up to five items!
  • Voila, use the dryer to activate Dryel’s steam cleaning cloth for about 15-20 minutes! Your cloths are now dry-cleaned! How cool is that!
The Dryel kit also comes with an odour and wrinkle releaser spray to remove any heavy odours or wrinkles from the clothes!
So there you go, super easy to use, and saves you time and your dry-cleaning cheque!
Disclaimer: *This post has been sponsored by Dryel. Views and reviews are my own.


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