Halloween is fastly approaching, so you should already consider buying pumpkin-smelling candles, treats and sweets for the little ones and maybe, most importantly, the Halloween costume that they will adore.

To make this task easier for anyone in search for the perfect Halloween costume, we talked with Sophia’s Style, an online kids clothing store, and put together a list of trends for this year.

After a research over the general trends, games, movies and interests of kids, we’ve settled down on 3 main themes that should be expected to boom in popularity for this Halloween.

Without further ado:

  • The Superhero Theme.

You shouldn’t doubt the appeal of the super-powerful and super-popular Superheroes – they never get out of style. Even so, this year seems to be their year: with all those Marvel releases and more to come, Superhero costumes will be all the hype this Holiday.

Some examples of cool costumes would be:

  • The Wonder Woman Costume:

  • The Super Girl Costume:

  • The Bat Girl Costume:


  1. The Frozen Theme

Everyone who has a kid around knows how much they can obsess over this movie. Even if it was launched some years ago, the announcement for the next one, Frozen 2, that will appear next year, made every kid go crazy.

This is the reason why we think that the Elsa/Anna costumes will be really popular among little girls: the anticipation is real.


  • The Elsa Costume:


  1. Cuteness Overdose Theme

Especially for little kids that want candy but aren’t really able to decide for themselves what to wear: take advantage and transform them into a package of cuteness. The options are diverse: from a cute dragon, rooster or even a full-on cake.


  • Reese the Rooster Costume

  • Cupcake Costume

  • Dragon Costume


Those are some of our previsions for this year’s Halloween trends. Every kid wants to be special and impress their friends so if you opt for any of the costumes we’ve told you here, you won’t fail.

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