Juggling work, kids and household chores, busy moms are always on the look out for products that can make their lives a little easier! One such product that makes cleaning delicate clothes an easy breezy job & saves me money is Dryel

Between me and my daughter, we have a lot of Fall/ winter delicate sweaters, scarves and dresses that needs Dry cleaning! Amidst our busy schedule, its really hard to squeeze in dry cleaning appointments and lug the laundry to the Dry cleaners! I can now dry clean our sweaters & all of our delicate clothes at the comfort of home without having to worry about them stretching, fading or shrinking with Dryel


There are just 3 super easy steps in the Dryel process :

First, just pre-treat any stain or soiled areas with Dryel Booster Spray. You can add 1 to 5 garments in one load along with 1 ULTRA cleaning Dryel cloth to the reusable fabric protection bag that comes with the Dryel kit. Simply tumble dry on medium heat for 15 to 30 minutes! Then take out your clothes and preferably hang them to avoid wrinkles. Wowza! You are done! It takes way less time than lugging all the Dry cleaning clothes to your local Dry cleaner!

Dryel’s ULTRA cleaning™ cloth has no harsh chemicals that can fade your clothing! The patented Fabric protection bag offers extra care and protection for the cloths for optimal cleaning. One of the biggest problem with knitted clothing especially sweaters is the chance of shrinkage, which can complete ruin the shape and size of the piece of clothing!

With Dryel, the shrinkage usually caused by wet washing or Dry cleaning is considerably reduced, while using Dryel due tenth patented Fabric protection bag! The Dryel kits are reliable and is less environmentally harmful than professional Dry cleaners and safe of kids clothes as it does not use harsh chemicals!
It’s holidays, time for giving and to bring in some cheer…so don’t forget to give yourself and your near ones some Dryel to try…and also bring on the smiles! 🙂

I am super glad to have found such a useful product that saves me time and money! So now you can get rid of those magic stains on your favorite sweaters this holiday season with Dryel!

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