It’s time for the holidays again! Who doesn’t like the holiday cheer and lights? We at Fabzlist are super excited as always at this time of the year! J Traveling is an integral part of the season, and what’s traveling for kids without some new super cool travel gear and travel toys?! We have got some really good ideas for you fab moms this year!

Razor Spark+ Kick Scooter with Light up Wheels

Carry these cool scooters along, and pump up the adrenaline in your kids as they hit the sidewalks in style! Coming with a patented rear fender brake that helps them stop on a dime every time, these make for a super easy and smooth ride! They provide the right comfort to your kids’ hands, while being durable enough to manage some expected rough handling!



2-in-1 Travel Booster Seat By CarGo Seat

This travel bag cum booster seat is sure to make heads turn at the airport, and bring in some warm smiles! Tried and tested by the little one at Fabzlist, these are really durable and aesthetic travel gear! Your kids can feel ‘big’ rolling them along at the airport, while letting them carry everything from dolls to story books and pencils! And once you reach your destination and board your car, flip those handles and they become a cute booster seat!


WikkiStix Traveler Playset Craft Kit Molding & Sculpting Sticks

Keeping your kids engaged is no easy task, we know that! That’s why these WikkiStix kits are a must have when you have those long trips! These kits come with 144 Wikki Stix, 12-page activity book and even a colorful ID sticker to personalize the case!

Kids Travel Tray for Girls – Car Seat Travel Play Tray 3 in 1

If you have those arty little ones who love painting, they would love these girl-designed travel kits with markers, dry eraser and even a built-in dry erase board!

ALEX Toys Artist Studio Car Valet

Another cool travel must-have for your art-loving little ones is this artist-special car valet! Attaching to the rear of the front seat, and folding down for easy supplies, these even come with 2 removable sipper pouches!

Tangram Game 360 Magnetic Puzzle Travel Games

These super smart tangram puzzle kit comes with 7 small colorful magnetic plates that can make all sort of patterns! Equally good for little ones, adults or elders who need to jog their brains, these are super easy to carry around.

The Shrunks Chillout Air Cushion

And, finally, when it’s time to chill out, these air cushions make for an adorable, portable kid-friendly travel accessory!




  1. Great suggestions you have here! I just ordered the magnetic puzzle!

  2. We are going to be taking a trip soon and these are all fabulous ideas!

  3. Oh what great ideas! I always find it difficult to entertain the kids when we travel so these would all be perfect! Saving for inspiration!

  4. Surekha Busa Reply

    This is such a wonderful gift ideas. I really making a list for the next month because holidays are coming soon.

  5. Monidipa Dutta Reply

    These gift ideas are really wonderful. A friend of mine has kids and I can send some cool gifts from here I guess. Hopefully she will like it.

  6. These are all such wonderful gift ideas. We are getting ready to take a trip soon and my kids would the magnetic puzzle and the Alex Toys Artist Studio Car Valet. Thank you for these ideas.

  7. Thanks for these, lovely gifts for kids. I travel a lot, And I do have to buy some whenever I go back home to kids after a while.

  8. blair villanueva Reply

    These are super cool gift ideas! My little sister would be thrilled to have these as well.

  9. Hannah Marie Reply

    Wow, all these are cool gift ideas. I am amazed by the bag and seat in one. That was a cool idea to bring both together for a travel friendly case.

  10. These are some cool things for kids. Would love to gift it to my nephew. I am. Sure he will. Love it

  11. These things ought to keep the little ones busy! It’s nice to keep than occupied so you can delay the 1st mention of “Are we there yet?”

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