Who doesn’t love a good pair of comfortable heels! They elevate your posture & they look extremely feminine.  Especially if you are petite, a  pair of good looking heels instantly up your outfit and frame! But Its always hard to find comfortable heels with some back support, to last you all day without bruised feet, especially for office and long city walks. But we have good news, There are certain brands that make heels comfortable with a specific focus on the heels and soles.

Here are a few tried and tested pair of heels, to take you through any day in style.

SKYPRO Shoes: 

Skypro the leader in footwear for frequent flyers, professionals, and the aviation service industry. It’s handcrafted in Portugal to the highest standards earning them an IATA Certification – the world’s first and only certified footwear for aviation professionals. 


These shoes are the super comfortable, taking you through any day in style. PS – they are airport-friendly – no security alarms triggered – EVER! Their quality is exceptional and they are light in weight and are great for Office wear! Totally love it.!


Life stride shoes: 

They do heels rgt! Their heels provide extra arch and support and have extra cushioning in the soles for added comfort. They are perfect for long city walks.

Vince Camuto shoes:

This is another brand I like, they have a low impact on lightweight heels and is good for occasional wear. Their styling is also pretty impressive.


Tory Burch Shoes: 

Last, but not the least, I own multiple pairs of this brand and so far I have found their wedge heels to be extremely comfortable with added cushioning with a low impact on the back. Its really comfortable for office wear too.



  1. i had no idea some shoes set metal detectors off at the airport! very interesting. i like the look of the SkyPro shoes but i have tried the Life Stride brand w/o much success personally.

    Joy at The Joyous Living

  2. Great heels that you don’t want to pull off the moment you walk in the door are hard to find! Thank you for posting great info on brands I have never heard of.

  3. You look good in your outfits! It’s my first time to read about the brands you mentioned. I’ll check the online store now! Thankssss!

  4. I love wearing heals to work, but hate how they make my feet feel! This is such a helpful blog post. Love it! 💖

  5. Every single look here is so amazing! The colors and shoes go so well together – will be referring to this for inspiration for sure! SKYPRO Shoes are my favourite.

  6. I do love wearing heels, but usually keep them for an evening I do love the red pair in your review as they do look comfortable for day wear as well x

  7. Oh what an important post! I always see beautiful heels that would absolutely murder my feet in less than a minute. Great to know there are beautiful shoes that are also wearable.

  8. Lovely heels and great to know the brands to wear. I usually go for heel type and not brands when choosing shoes in general.

  9. Dalene Ekirapa Reply

    Heels can really elevate one’s look asap! However, I’m never wearing heels unless I’m attending an occasion that will require me too. That’s when I go for lower heels and have some foot pads around too. Your collection is cute…loving the white pair.

  10. First confession you are beautiful, second confession you look amazing third confession your outfit is amazing..
    VINCE CAMUTO Shoes really look good on you.. Only your smile can attract buyers

  11. awesome picks! Definitely very comfortable yet outstanding! Your style sense is definitely sky high! Jumpsuit is my favorite from the list

  12. Walking in heels must really take getting some used to. Breaking down which are the most comfortable is very useful.

  13. Great post. Lovely outfits. Personally, I don’t see myself going back to heels as they’ve caused a terrible strain on my legs as a result of years of wearing. I prefer flats. They’re more comfortable and can go with anything.

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