Summer break! This is the time of the year when most of us plan our family vacation and are ready to hit the road. 

This year, in particular, due to the pandemic, we don’t have too many options for travel, other than weekend road trips. When it comes to road trips, one of the things I have to constantly deal with is those coffee stains or make-up stains on my shirt. Then there are those “ mystery spills” on my daughter’s outfits. So a good on the go stain remover is always on my list of travel essentials. 

I have always relied on OxiClean™ to use at home to tackle tough stains. Now, I am happy to carry their handy on- the- go stain remover pen.


What did I like about the OxiClean™ On The Go™ Stain Remover Pen?


  • It works pretty well on fresh drink stains, chocolate stains, food stains, and even makeup stains
  • It has a scrubber tip that helps with rubbing in the solution onto the tough stain
  • It is pretty gentle on most fabrics and does not leave any residue!
  • You can easily slip this into your purse and it is very compact. I would keep this handy in my office bag as well to help me stress less about stains on my office outfit.


So Mommies, now you can worry less about those mystery spots on your kid’s outfit when on the go! Just pack one this compact little stain remover pen in your purse. It Comes in pretty handy! 

Disclosure: This is a Sponsored post. The review and opinion mentioned in the post are my own after using the mentioned product. 

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