Teaching kids the importance of organizing things is a key thing every parent should take care of! Where else to start but from your toddler rooms! Check out some cool ideas we’ve curated for you fab moms!

best ideas for Toddler playroom organization

Let’s start with the crafts and painting stuff. We bet this is where you would start…and this is where things can get really messy if you don’t start fast enough!

1. A set of shelves to neatly arrange markers, paint colors, brushes, color pens and pencils is a kool idea

Crayons Colors

(Pic courtesy-Craftwhack.com)

2. One way to add some color is to color-match those crayon cups! Helps teach your little ones some color co-ordination!


3. If you’ve got a bigger shelf set, you can even add in space for those scissors, art books and note books too!

Craft crayons

(Pic coutesy- Buzzfeed)

If you’ve got a boy or a girl who’s a lego fan, these ideas cannot fail…

4. Marked bins for blocks of various colors keep it clean, makes it easy to pick, and teaches them organization!


(Pic courtesy- Buzzfeed)

5. If you can manage a bigger space, leave some space for their lego creations – for a proud display!


(Pic courtesy-Onemilehomestyle.com)

6. Another idea is a set of boxes to store by shape…and you can set aside some for those i-don’t-know-where-to-fit stuff too!

Overall bins

What’s organizing without those book shelves? Comes in even handier as the kids grow up!!

7. Ledges fit most purposes, even better for books!


8. Or else wall pockets can help too, in fact easier to manage!


Ah, and what’s it without those little figurines, cars and stuffed toys – whether you’ve got a sports car freak boy (or girl!) or the little one who love stuffed toys and little figurines!

9. Look at those neat shelves for stacking your car collection – see your boy or girl beam with pride when they show it their friends!


Pic courtesy- BuzzFeed

10. Back to ledges – look at how neatly you can stack those little figurines. Need some discipline to maintain them though, not for everyone!


(Pic courtesy- Buzzfeed)

11. And, last but not least, an adorable Zoo for those stuffed animal friends!



(Pic courtesy- Buzzfeed)

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